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Managed Cybersecurity Services

Fortify your network with a comprehensive layered cybersecurity strategy tailored to your needs and run by experts.

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Protect your entire network with our comprehensive managed cybersecurity services powered by our partner, DOT Security. We work with you to develop a custom tech stack so you can achieve IT security and compliance. From a risk assessment to deployment of state-of-the-art technologies and constant monitoring of your environment for irregular behavior, our experts work hard to deter threats.


Secure Each Layer of Your Network With Our Expert-Driven Solutions

With our state-of-the art tech stack, we fight cyberattacks and threats while you take care of business.

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Our Managed Cybersecurity Services are Expert-Led, Technology-Powered, and Client-Focused

Powered by the experts and tech of our partner, DOT Security, we ensure your entire network is safe while guiding you to achieve complete IT security and data compliance.

Customize Your Tech Stack

We assess every corner of your environment and create a security strategy that fortifies your unique vulnerabilities.

Benefit from Ongoing Guidance

Led by your own dedicated vCISO (virtual Chief Information Security Officer), our experts provide advice on security best practices.

Protect Your Assets with Continuous Monitoring

Impact identifies your weaknesses and proactively fixes them to minimize the chance of cyber threats causing disruption or damage to your business.

Ensure Data Compliance

Our cybersecurity compliance solutions help you prep and stay in line with relevant industry laws and regulations while protecting your brand.

Support When You Need It

We provide 24/7 support from a USO (Unified Support Operations) center where our experts actively monitor and manage your entire IT infrastructure.

Partner with a Holistic Provider

As an Impact partner, you will have ongoing support from industry experts of all kinds to modernize any aspect of your business including IT security, marketing, digital transformation, and more.


Discover How Impact Secured Valuable Data with Managed Cybersecurity

Impact recommends that our clients do not advertise that they use our cybersecurity services as threat actors can consider that a challenge. This case study is about how we created and implemented our own cybersecurity during the pandemic—a time when cybersecurity threats greatly increased.

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“We want to ensure that every one of our clients has the exact same experience that we have. We validated and tested all of our solutions and services internally before unleashing them in the world.”

Jeff Leder

CTO, DOT Security

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