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Align Your Business with Industry Standards and Avoid Risk with Compliance Solutions

As the world grows more connected digitally, businesses of every size and industry bear more responsibility to stay up to date on compliance. This means keeping up with changing rules regarding data security; customer or patient information; and national and international standards. These regulations represent several policies, documents and more that, if not followed, will lead to a business being fined if found in violation of data protection laws. For small and midsize businesses, keeping up with HIPAA, PCI, PII and more typically requires a dedicated team of compliance and regulatory experts; unfortunately, the costs can outweigh the resources.

Within Impact’s cybersecurity services, we’ve built out a team focused on compliance as a service (CaaS). As a managed security service provider (MSSP), we connect SMBs with experts, trained in the ongoing standards of compliance, who will manage your needs according to industry standards using risk management tools and a custom risk audit. Once we get a thorough look at your business in relation to compliance regulations, we’ll put together the policies, procedures and solutions necessary to ensure the alignment of your company with those regulations so you can rest easy.

Benefits of Compliance Services from Impact

By working with Impact as your MSSP, your team can focus on business-critical activities while we focus on risk management and compliance. You’ll receive consultative services and get connected with the right tools, all within your budget.

Introducing Impact’s compliance as a service offering to your business benefits your business through:

GRC management Options for full or hybrid management of governance risk and compliance (GRC)

gap analysis A gap analysis to examine policies and procedures

device security An in-depth look at the security and risk involved with company activities

awareness of vulnerabilities Awareness of vulnerabilities

training Improved knowledge and training for end users to prevent potential breaches and violations

vcio consultation Ongoing consultations with a vCISO, Compliance Officer and Service Desk Analysts

recovery plan A comprehensive business and disaster recovery plan focused on compliance

CMMC-AB-RPO-Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

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governance risk and compliance

Governance Risk and Compliance

Our GRC solution is a fully-managed program that supports HIPAA compliance regulations. Your Impact team can oversee detailed risk, compliance and audit management, and keep track of any third parties who work with your company’s data. Using a specialized platform, we perform compliance monitoring, audits and reporting on what goes on in your network. If there are any potential breaches or violations, we’ll be able to quickly investigate, remediate and report. This cost-effective platform allows your team to focus on their patients and customers, while we oversee your compliance program as it evolves.

Your Compliance Team

The purpose of your designated compliance team is to take over the management of any compliance-related responsibilities your business must follow. We will work with your team to develop policies and procedures based on your industry’s standards, perform ongoing risk analyses and conduct data tracking. Your compliance team includes the following:

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)
The vCISO serves as your project manager, connecting key decision makers and users with the Impact cybersecurity compliance specialists necessary to get the job done. They perform periodic business reviews, compile compliance reports and offer consultations on additional cybersecurity and related services.

Compliance Officer
Compliance Officers are the regulatory experts with extensive knowledge of industry-specific, national and global compliance requirements. As compliance standards change, Compliance Officers are charged with staying on top of updates, and providing insights into any necessary adjustments your business will need to make. These experts lead audits, the creation of internal policies, disciplinary measures and communication necessary to mitigate risks and decrease the chance of a breach or violation. They take the pressure off your team by aligning rules, regulations and legal requirements with your company’s policies and processes.

Service Desk Specialist
Every Impact cybersecurity client receives access to our multi-level support desk. These Cybersecurity Analysts will assist in any issues you have with GRC solutions and potential concerns related to sensitive data. If your problem can’t be solved remotely, a member of the team will come to your location to perform onsite troubleshooting.

group of people in the office doing analysis

Gap Analysis

A unique aspect of Impact’s Managed Cybersecurity services is our gap analysis. We can perform this as part of the overall security risk audit, or as a standalone process. During the gap analysis, our trained experts focus on specific regulatory rules, and your company’s security compliance policies and procedures. Unlike other compliance organizations that simply give you the policies and procedures to follow, our team does an extensive walkthrough of your site, examines administrative, physical and technical security, and has an expert go into the facility to see any potential vulnerabilities in your current compliance structure, offering advice on how to fix them. This is particularly crucial for healthcare companies who need to comply with the HIPAA Security Rule that protects patient data.

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