Endpoint Protection

Mitigate IT security risks for all individual systems across your business

Securely Support User Workspaces Anywhere in Your Network

In the age of digitization, the boundaries of business are always expanding. Employees are able to work remotely, on mobile devices and their personal technology. While this has brought positive opportunities to connect employees, as well as customers, and increase productivity, it’s also drawn the attention of cybercriminals looking to exploit SMBs lacking proper protections. As user behaviors are often the most common causes of data breaches, compliance issues and cybersecurity vulnerabilities, businesses need to extend their IT security measures outside of the typical office environment. The cybersecurity experts at Impact have decades of experience addressing the changing threat landscape, and have hand-picked a set of tools that provide comprehensive threat protection for endpoints connected to your business’ network from anywhere.

Benefits of Impact’s Endpoint Protection Solutions

As the perimeter of your business changes, and more opportunities for engagement outside of your central IT location become available, securing every access point possible is a must. With Impact’s endpoint security package, you’ll receive industry-leading advanced solutions, managed by us, well within your budget.

Securing your perimeter with endpoint protections from Impact offers benefits such as:

monitoring threats Proactive approaches to monitoring and addressing threats

machine learning tools Access to AI and machine learning tools

security solutions Integrated security solutions to protect workflows and applications used anywhere in the company’s network

visibility Increased accuracy and visibility regarding malicious domains, addresses and applications

identify threats The ability to identify and quickly eliminate advanced persistent threats to your network

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Impact’s Endpoint Protection Solutions

system protection

Domain Name System Protection (DNS)
DNS protection refers to the protocol by which devices match IP addresses (a series of numbers) with domain names (letters). With our secure DNS solution, we’ll set up your system to send DNS inquiries from your OS, firewalls and routers to secured servers. Any inquiries within your network will pass through a content filter set up to block addresses associated with malware, block lists and more.


  • Reduced risk of malware attacks from malicious domains, IP addresses and cloud applications
  • A 100% cloud-based system extending across your entire network
  • Increased visibility and accuracy in detecting contact with malicious sites and applications
  • Consistent permissions policies and protections for all your endpoints, whether they’re in your office or not
  • Activity logs that can uncover deeper issues
  • Setup and configuration done by our cybersecurity experts

Help Desk & Support

MDR security services are solutions offered by your MSSP to provide proactive monitoring and hunting of potential threats trying to access your network. At Impact, we utilize a centrally monitored platform comprising of turnkey solutions that allow us to remotely monitor and remediate security threats in real time.


  • 24/7 remote services from our cybersecurity experts
  • Ongoing threat event monitoring and management
  • Increased threat awareness and visibility with reporting
  • Faster response time through remote access and a ticketing system


Next-Gen Antivirus (NGA)
Traditional, signature-based antivirus platforms send updates to companies after identifying a specific type of malware and creating an identifier for addressing it once the signature is pushed out. We use advanced detection methods which allow us to find and eliminate both recognized and new threats that have not been seen before.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
Impact’s trained security analysts will be keeping a constant eye on your IT environment using cloud-based analytics, logging, monitoring and detection capabilities that run using machine learning algorithms. With customizable threat and activity views, our analysts can track malicious threats, raise alerts and perform threat resolution. Additionally, on-demand and scheduled insight reports offer visibility into threats, actions taken on the platform and more.

Security Operations Center (SOC)
Our team will manage the MDR services platform tied to your network so your team can focus on business. After configuration and deployment, analysts will be monitoring activities, managing any incoming alerts, notifications and reporting, and responding to incidents, all from our state-of-the-art SOC. To mitigate ongoing risks, they will also provide guidance for ongoing threat responses, SLAs and procedures for users to follow when connected to your network.

Software & Security

Advanced persistence stops the dangers of advanced persistent threats (APTs), which allow an attacker to access a network or system over an extended period of time. By doing so, they’re able to gain specific information about their target, which they can then exploit for financial gain or to infiltrate with ransomware that can create backdoors within a company’s IT network. This way, data can be stolen repeatedly or new threats can be planted.

We use a persistence detection tool in order to catch these malicious threats when they slip past security measures. Our advanced detection and hunting solutions empower our team to monitor and remediate any malicious content that threatens your endpoints. While your team focuses on revenue-based activities, we’ll work to detect and eliminate advanced threats, ensure protective software is up and running and adjust user activities and privileges.


  • Reduced downtime
  • Continuous monitoring by the Impact team
  • Advanced protection against malicious threats
  • Strategy and rules to keep users from accessing potentially harmful content
  • A sophisticated defense for your data and network
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