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Cybersecurity can’t be one siloed area of your business. It has to be woven into all of your operations.

Cybercriminals are frustratingly clever. They can find entryways into your network in ways you might never have considered. That’s why cybersecurity can’t be treated like a separate element of your business. It has to be a part of everything you do. At Impact, all our experts have access to security specialists and tools to ensure cybersecurity is always a part of the conversation and your business is as protected as possible.

By The Numbers


of IT security specialists

don’t respond to alerts due to the high number of false positives.


of organizations

have had a cloud-related security incident in the past year.


increase in security resilience

for companies with a mature zero-trust environment.

What You Need

How Managed Services Factor into Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation Strategies

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Cybersecurity Specialists Who Understand Other Departments

While security has to be a part of everything your business does, you also need specialists who can monitor your network, sift through alerts, find vulnerabilities, handle threats that slip through the cracks, and ensure you’re always in compliance with relevant regulations.

Create a custom defense

that fits your needs without filling your system with extra software.

Proactively monitor your network

so even the most novel attack can be handled before it’s a problem.

Handle all alerts

so the rest of your staff isn’t overwhelmed by the high number of notifications.

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Managed IT

IT Infrastructure Protection

By working directly with your network and staff, Impact’s technicians and specialists offer the best in IT infrastructure protection. This all-inclusive offering takes into account all security considerations from the implementation of new tech, to training employees on best practices and installing security hardware directly into your system.

Security solutions implemented

by trained technicians who fully understand your system.

Bake in security from the beginning

with technology chosen for its security properties.

Train your employees

on how to avoid threats like social engineering attacks like phishing.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Strategies for Risk Mitigation in Cyber Upgrades

Digital transformation is not about any individual solution, it’s focused on the long-term plan for upgrading your technology and managing change in your organization, including cybersecurity software and hardware. Work with experts to make a plan for overhauling your cyber tech stack to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Implement cybersecurity technology

while mitigating the risk of failure inherent to similar initiatives.

Manage change

at your organization so your staff accept the adjustments they’ll need to make.

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Protecting Internet-Facing Marketing Assets

As the prevalence of digital marketing over traditional methods increases, you’ll have more assets that connect your network directly to the internet, like your website, customer portals, and more. Make sure they have safety baked in from the beginning to keep bad actors out.

Choose platforms

that have security measures coded directly into them.

Protect customer data

submitted through forms or online portals.

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Print Services

Fortify Modern Digital Office Equipment

The number of devices in your business connected to the internet is expanding. It now includes printers, scanners, sensors, and more. This expands the attack surface for hackers to breach your network. Mitigate these risks by working with cyber experts to fortify your endpoints.

Secure all internet-connected devices

even when you can’t take traditional cybersecurity measures.

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Additional Expertise

Streamline Processes

Stay ahead of other players in your industry with upgraded and future-proofed technology.

Customer Experience

Interact with consumers smoothly, simply, and quickly to get, retain, and increase their business.

Business Reputation Management

Make sure the name of your organization is golden in the mind of the public, particularly consumers.

Business Growth

Expand your organization without overextending your ability to fulfill client expectations.

Employee Experience

Keep your staff happy, inspired, and productive with everything they need to keep moving forward.

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