Employee Experience Consulting Services

Attract and retain the right talent, and help your employees grow so they can continue to invest in your organization.

Finding ideal candidates and retaining them takes a lot of resources. With expert insights into leadership, change management, marketing, and technology to make your staff’s job easier, you can recruit innovative people and keep them engaged long-term. Empower your workforce with the tools they need to perform at their highest level with Impact’s employee experience consulting.

By The Numbers


higher employee engagement

when staff feel they have the right technology to support their work.


of knowledge workers

say business apps make an organization a more desirable place to work.


more productivity

when social technologies are used to facilitate collaboration and communication organization-wide.

What You Need

Use Technology Leadership to Hire and Empower Your Workforce

Managed IT

Your IT Network Should Support Your Employees, Not the Other Way Around

When your IT infrastructure is running smoothly, your staff is free to focus on project success. Impact’s experts take a deep dive into your network to find optimization opportunities, then manage, maintain, and secure it so that everything runs smoothly.

Foster collaboration

and communication regardless of employee location with productivity suites.

Use a flexible cloud solution

so your employees can upload, share, and keep track of all documents.

Monitor your IT infrastructure

with reporting and data management tools so you can find ways to improve it for your staff.

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Digital Transformation

Remove the Uncertainty that Comes with Change

Help your staff take advantage of new tech initiatives. Impact’s employee experience consulting services make healthy transformation part of your culture. In turn, this will ensure employees benefit from innovative technologies.

Automate repetitive tasks

so that your people have the time and bandwidth to take care of more creative or cognitively demanding projects.

Collect and analyze data

for insights into your business transformation and make data-driven decisions that improve your bottom line.

Get support and guidance

from your dedicated Impact team led by a vCTO (virtual Chief Technology Officer) who will get to know every aspect of your business.

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Showcase a Strong Employer Image to Qualified Candidates

As part of our employee experience consulting services, Impact helps you develop a strong brand that includes a story, mission, and visuals that align with your values and objectives. Our team of marketers and creatives help you tell a consistent story about who you are so you can easily find the right talent.

Revamp your digital branding

with a team of experts in UX, UI, writing, design, SEO, and more to foster culture across your channels.

Move prospective employees

forward with content based on audience research and automated communication tools.

Ensure the success

of your paid ads by measuring impressions so you can continue to enhance your hiring strategy.

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Safeguard Employee Devices and Company Data

In an age where cyber threats are evolving and increasing, avoiding data breaches with a cybersecurity strategy is crucial. Ensure your employees have a great experience while keeping your network safe with a modern tech stack and cyber awareness training.

Ensure your systems work

by minimizing downtime so that your employees always have access to the devices and data they need.

Provide cybersecurity training

so your whole team clearly understands password and permission protocols and is aligned with your security goals.

Monitor and identify

threats whether your staff works in-office or remotely so they have the ability to prioritize even the most sensitive company projects.

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Client Results

Discover How Impact Did It

See how implementing new technology with Impact not only helped ScriptsRx improve their processes from a business perspective but also made their employees' work more substantive, interesting, and engaging.

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Additional Expertise

Business Growth

Get the tools, strategy, and guidance you need to grow efficiently and sustainably while providing a sustainable employee experience.

Customer Experience

Create a customer strategy that is data-based and expert-driven to increase engagement, sales, and satisfaction.

Brand Reputation Management

Craft your ideal brand image and ensure search engine results show you in a favorable light so you can attract more clients and prospective employees.

Streamline Processes

Get your systems and software up to speed with modernization solutions implemented with your goals and long-term success in mind.

Mitigate Cyber Risks

Minimize the risk of downtime and data breaches by creating a strong cybersecurity strategy that takes into account your people and process.

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