Data Protection Services

Safeguard sensitive customer and company assets with advanced information security technologies and protocols.

Impact’s data protection services help you define and enforce security measures to prevent data loss, misuse, or access without interruption to your business processes. Our cybersecurity experts will also make sure your data stays safe, and that there are plans in place to proactively mitigate the risks of a breach.

How It Works

Protect Critical Data from Threats and Unauthorized Access with Data Protection Solutions

A data breach can endanger your entire business. Protect your important assets with Impact’s tech stack and expert support.

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Gain Peace of Mind with Impact’s Data Protection Services

Impact’s services allow businesses to pursue their goals without having to worry about unauthorized users accessing their sensitive information.

Protect the Most Sensitive Data

Impact’s cybersecurity specialists classify levels of data sensitivity in content stored and shared in and out of your network, so you can prioritize safeguarding critical data.

Quickly Respond

With automated technology and machine learning, our software detects and stops potential threats on devices, applications, and systems faster, deterring attacks as they come.

Maintain Customer Trust

By maintaining controls and visibility over your customers; you can avoid violation fees and continue to maintain a positive business image.


“65% of data breach victims lost trust in the affected organization. 80% of consumers would leave a business due to stolen information."

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