Secure Data Protection

Safeguard sensitive customer and company assets with advanced information security

Protect Data and Communications Throughout Your Network with Wide-Scale Monitoring and Management

Within an organization, there are several outlets through which data is shared between users, departments and locations. Whether it’s through communicational tools or applications, if there aren’t security measures in place, there’s always the risk that confidential information can be stolen, or accounts hacked. The costs of addressing and trying to remediate the associated damages and potential violations of a breach far outweigh the cost of arming your IT infrastructure with strong protections. To address these potential risks and maintain awareness of what’s going on at every endpoint within your network, the Impact cybersecurity team has brought together an advanced set of tools focused on email security and data loss prevention (DLP) to not only prepare your business for day-to-day security needs, but for recovery and continuity options in the event of a breach.

Benefits of Impact’s Secure Data Protection Solutions

Gain peace of mind over your everyday IT security needs through affordable solutions managed by us. With combined enterprise email protection and DLP solutions, users across your network can go about their daily tasks, while solutions in the background maintain safe sharing and storage.

Implementing data security solutions provides the following benefits:

visibility Wide visibility across your network to detect threats

network protection Stronger data protection for applications at any point in the network

data access control More control over who has access to data

classifications Ability to apply classifications and protections based on sensitivity

threat response Faster response to potential threats and attacks

secure communication Cloud-based and on-premise security for all communications flowing through your systems

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Secure Data Protection Solutions

email protection

Many of the most commonly successful cyberattacks are attributed to email. It’s key to protect the information flowing in and out of your network, which is why our team utilizes an email protection solution. Deployed either on-premise or in the cloud, these solutions provide advanced filtering to uncover spam, malware, phishing, solicitations and more.


  • Higher rates of detection and threat management
  • Improved email hygiene
  • Decreased latency through automated operations
  • Tools for encryption, DLP, attack protection and more
  • Industry-leading SLAs for improved service, virus protection and blocking


  • Attack protection dashboard to visualize the users being targeted and those who are a higher risk
  • Attack index, which offers a composite threat score based on volume, type, level of targeting and attacker sophistication
  • Scoring services which offer machine learning tech to provide advanced threat classification for business email compromise techniques
  • Email protection extending across the network that continually analyzes IP addresses, emails and threats to stay up to date on classifications, and monitors search results
  • Customizable security policies and rules for firewalls that offer the flexibility to enforce on different levels and across systems

data loss prevention

Protecting company data at every touchpoint is a must for any business. With an increasing amount of work being done from mobile access points and other remote technology, attackers are taking more approaches to targeting SMBs. When you sign on with Impact as your MSSP, we support you in order to align your business processes with data security measures we define and enforce to prevent data loss, misuse or access. We’ll also make sure your data stays safe, and that there are plans in place for the possibility of a breach or violation.


Flexible Storage Options
You can classify any documents or content within your network through on-premise and cloud storage options. Our solution scans your storage platform to identify, label and protect content within your network. Labeling will occur in either network-shared Microsoft SharePoint sites and libraries (on-premise) or Box, SharePoint and OneDrive servers (cloud).

Compliance Policies
Many organizations are required to use personally identifiable information (PII) protections as part of industry compliance standards such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS and GDPR. This extends to patient and customer information including social security numbers, bank account information, credit card numbers, phone numbers, emails and more. We’ll help you align data compliance and security measures with the right classifications and labels.

Multi-Level Classifications
Classification and label tools apply DLP and data security rules to the information within your IT network. Your Impact cybersecurity specialists will work with your administrators to configure labels that apply particular rules for classifying the various levels of data sensitivity in content stored and shared in and out of your network; these are public, private, confidential and restricted.

Rights Management Services (RMS)
This service integrates with all of your other Microsoft applications, as well as third-party apps, to apply encryption, authorization and configuration rules to the documents, emails and other content in your network and those shared outside of it. Your Impact cybersecurity team will be able to help you apply the correct classifications, adjust settings and use templates to control access and labels for all O365 apps.

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