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Make information an asset with digitized, streamlined, managed document services.

In the fast-paced, digitized business world, the ability to capture, organize, and access information on-demand is a must. Moving from a paper-based workflow to a digital one leads to significant organizational improvements, including time and materials saved, heightened security, and increased productivity. Document management works by reading and structuring the information on a file at the point of capture and intelligently indexing and storing it. Enjoy a digital workflow that lets you take full advantage of your data with managed document services from Impact.

How It Works

Features of Impact’s Document Management Services

Impact’s document management system includes functions from data capture to retrieval to give users access to the information and tools they need to perform business critical activities at optimal levels.

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Why Get Managed Document Services?

With Impact’s in-depth assessments, industry experience, and ability to customize digital transformation solutions of all kinds, your document management service can address your business’ unique challenges.

Waste Less Time

Improve productivity and reduce the amount of manual labor it takes to manage information through automation and minimal usage of hardcopy documents.

Improve Security

With encryption options, identity and access management controls, and user-level permissions built in, your most sensitive data will stay as safe as possible.

Increased Collaboration

Streamline integration between systems, communications, and business processes to help departments work more smoothly and swiftly with each other and with clients or vendors.


“Document issues cause more than 21% of daily productivity loss.”

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