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Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Operate no matter what with backup and recovery solutions as well as continuity plans that prepare your business for any unforeseen incidents.

Cyberattacks, unpredictable disasters, or outages can affect SMBs at any time. To combat these risks, Impact’s cybersecurity experts create a strategy to ensure you have access to your data and systems in real-time, even when disaster strikes. Run your operations smoothly regardless of the event with managed backup and disaster recovery services.

How It Works

Prepare for a Quick Recovery with Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Services for Any IT Environment

Our managed backup and disaster recovery services work with virtual or physical IT environments to ensure that your data is readily available.

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Focus on Business-Critical Activities Without Worrying About Downtime or Disaster

Rest easy while your Impact team takes care of installation, configuration, and maintenance of your managed backups and disaster recovery options.

Protect Your Investment

Continuous business operations eliminate financial losses that come with downtime or a forced shutdown when disaster strikes.

Minimize Damage

Ransomware and threat protection solution restarts servers from a point in time before the attack so you can safeguard critical assets

Get Peace of Mind

Impact’s managed backup and disaster recovery specialists monitor and manage your data backups and run recovery programs as needed, so you don’t have to.


“93% of companies without a disaster recovery plan who suffer a major data disaster are out of business within one year.”

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Be Prepared to Recover from Any Incident

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