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Expert IT strategy consulting to keep you on the forefront of business technology.

When partnering with Impact for your IT consulting services, your dedicated Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) will act as the bridge between business and technology to ensure on-time and on-budget implementations, and a long-term plan to keep your technology on the cutting edge. With IT consulting, you have a go-to resource who will work with you to connect your needs and goals with the strategies and technology required to address them.

How It Works

IT Consulting Services to Manage Today and Plan for Tomorrow

Working with expert IT consultants helps maintain your infrastructure long-term.

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Benefits of IT Consulting Services

Work with technology experts to align IT initiatives with business strategy.

Proactive Asset Management

Your dedicated vCIO manages the entire lifecycle of your technology to keep track of devices in need of upgrades or replacements so you never have to worry about working on outdated assets.

Consistent Updates to Your Technology

As your business’ goals and needs evolve, so too will your technology stack. With Impact, you’ll get consistent IT consulting strategy meetings with your vCIO to review your status and discuss what you need going forward.

Removal of Hiring Headaches

For as long as we’re partners, you’ll always have access to an experienced vCIO so you never have to worry about the time or money commitment required in recruiting or retaining your own internal expert.


“A good vCIO is improve the business’ long-term prospects, and defines these objectives based on your needs and your budget.”

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