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Cybersecurity consulting isn’t just about recommending which defense solutions to implement. It’s also about businesses having an ongoing relationship to meet the demands of what makes a good defense. Cyberattacks are on the rise and increasingly sophisticated, while compliance and regulatory standards are placing more demands on how organizations look after their data.

That’s why we place a strong emphasis on consultation, and our all-in-one package helps provide that to you on a long-term basis through your dedicated Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO). This covers strategy, compliance, support and technology — so you’re never left in the dark about your options going forward.

In short, we’ll be there for all your security needs, so that when the cybersecurity and regulatory landscapes change, you won’t be left behind.

Benefits of Impact’s Cybersecurity Consulting Package

Impact’s vCISOs are experts in the fields of cybersecurity and compliance. They will work directly with you as your point-of-contact to address any concerns, keep you updated and make sure that your package is performing as intended. This personal approach is one of the reasons Impact is regarded as one of the top managed service providers in the country, and our commitment to bringing a personal touch to our client relationships is central to our cybersecurity offering.

Partnering with Impact for cybersecurity consulting services offers the following benefits:

no cost for consultation No additional costs for consultations that are included in our all-in-one security package

scheduled reports Scheduled reports managed by your vCISO, who will keep you updated on your security plan, and  review your evolving goals and plans for the future

compliancy Industry compliance, as your vCISO will keep you in line with applicable regulatory frameworks while you run your business

training Security awareness with risk mitigation and staff training for avoiding attacks

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Cybersecurity Consulting Features

email protection

90% of data breaches are because of human error — as attacks become more sophisticated, it’s more difficult for employees to spot a threat when they see it. Security awareness training helps workers prepare by educating them on what to look out for by using real-life simulations and guidance from experts who have encountered virtually every attack vector out there. Get your workforce trained and the target off its back.


As part of your package, you’ll receive cybersecurity consulting on an ongoing basis, helping you meet new challenges with your experienced vCISO leading a team that includes a Cybersecurity Analyst, a Cybersecurity Engineer and a Compliance Manager, all of whom will guide your strategy. Whether it’s a new or updated regulation standard you have to meet, a new threat that requires mitigation and resolution or just a scheduled review to ensure your strategy is on track; we’ve got you covered.

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Find out more about how cybersecurity consulting can benefit your company.

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