Identity and Access Management

Enable multiple layers of security with authentication tools

Create a Security-First Culture with Multi-Factor Access Protections

The state of the IT industry has rapidly changed due to an evolving landscape of threats. Every day, more and more sophisticated viruses, malware, hacks and other cyber threats are working to collect, exploit and profit from your data. For many years, small businesses assumed that they would not be targeted, but SMBs are more vulnerable than ever due to their lack of resources and the increasing sophistication of cybercriminals. Realizing this problem SMBs are facing, the Impact cybersecurity team has developed a package of cloud-based, multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions meant to ensure that user data stays safe at every business touchpoint, and that threats are stopped before they can do lasting damage

Benefits of Impact’s Identity and Access Management Solutions

The burden of managing passwords and protections will be lifted from your employees with easy storage options. When working with Impact, you’ll receive the help of cybersecurity experts to manage and configure these MFA solutions to fit your business needs.

Identity and access management tools offer the following benefits:

cloud data storage Centralized, cloud-storage options to safely store passwords and data

search Search and automatic configuration capabilities for administrators

scalable tools Tools that are easy to install and scale alongside a growing business

desktop and mobile User-friendly platforms that maintain authentication policies on any device, including mobile

reporting Reporting and data to inform your security policies and address unsafe employee behaviors

access controls Access controls and role-based permissions

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Impact’s Identity and Access Management Solutions

One of the most basic, but essential ways to tighten your network security and protect your business from identity and access theft is a password manager. With a password protection platform, the Impact team will create a centralized, cloud-based password vault for all end users to secure their credentials.


  • Advanced password protection and security against threats
  • Automation agents to perform ongoing, repetitive tasks; expirations, password generations, logs, updates and discovery
  • More granular protections through data access control
  • Visibility into password usage, insights and how credentials are used

Simply creating complex passwords isn’t enough to protect a network against sophisticated and evolving threats. This is why our cybersecurity package includes multi-factor authentication. Our scalable solution adds an additional layer of security to make sure that any device connecting to your network is secure and verified.


  • Simple, user-friendly authentication process that will take your users minutes to set up
  • Complete coverage of your business with both desktop and mobile options
  • Scalability to extend solution to new users, devices and applications fast
  • Integration with apps and solutions, on-premise and in the cloud
  • Easy management through administrative dashboards and reporting
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Find out more about how identity and access management can benefit your company.

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