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Identity and Access Management (IAM) Managed Services

Cyberattacks aiming to exploit and profit from your data become faster and more sophisticated daily. Impact’s cybersecurity experts will manage and configure MFA (multi-factor authentication) and password tools to minimize these threats and fit your business needs. Lift the burden of managing passwords and protections from your employees and ensure accounts stay safe with easy storage options.

How It Works

Tighten Your Network Security with Identity and Access Management (IAM) Managed Services

Protect your network at one of its most vulnerable layers—the human element—with solid password security and multi-factor authentication services.

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Simplify, Manage, and Optimize Your Business’ Access Controls

Don’t leave access security up to error-prone, manual processes. Impact’s identity and access management (IAM) managed services put your data protection strategy on the right track.

Simplify Security

Impact’s user-friendly platforms maintain authentication policies on any device, including mobile, with easy to install solutions that scale alongside a growing business.

Remove Doubt

The search and automatic configuration capabilities for administrators make managing controls easier. Reporting and data inform your security policies and address unsafe employee behaviors.

Achieve Compliance

Privacy laws such as HIPAA, GDPR, and other local regulations require your business to protect consumer data and privacy. An IAM strategy help you avoid violation fees.


“70% of all sophisticated cyberattacks were aimed at stealing user credentials.”

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