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Pinpoint the vulnerabilities lurking in your business's current cybersecurity strategy.

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Picture a hacker breaching your business's critical data. Now, imagine having the power to prevent that breach from ever happening. That's precisely what Impact's cybersecurity assessment accomplishes. By pinpointing vulnerabilities in your current efforts, we empower you to proactively maintain a cybersecurity strategy, ensuring the safety of your assets.

Our Approach

The Cyber Risk Assessment Services Process

While no one can predict when a cyberattack will occur, there are proactive measures you can take now to fortify your defenses. With Impact's thorough risk assessment and personalized recommendations, your company can safeguard itself, offering peace of mind and resilient protection against threats.



Impact's cybersecurity specialists engage with key stakeholders in your organization to evaluate the breadth of the risk assessment and plan the next steps.



We conduct a comprehensive risk assessment and leverage the expertise of our cybersecurity specialists, ensuring thorough identification and mitigation of potential risks.



We analyze the findings to determine the severity of risks to your organization, documenting them with our recommended solutions for resolution.



The collected data and action items are presented to company stakeholders to review and plan the next steps.

Impact's cybersecurity specialists engage with key stakeholders in your organization to evaluate the breadth of the risk assessment and plan the next steps.


Keep Your Business Safe with Impact's Cybersecurity Assessment Services

Allow our experts to examine your organization's network, devices, and end-user cybersecurity knowledge to detect and strengthen vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

Take Preventative Measures to Protect Your Business

Spotting weaknesses in your current security makes your business more resilient to future attacks.

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Technology

Feel confident about your cybersecurity, knowing it aligns with industry standards and addresses the demands of today's market.

Adopt Solutions Tailored to Your Network

The insights we gather from this evaluation enable us to propose solutions that perfectly fit your organization's needs.

Put Your Security in the Hands of Specialists

If you crave more expert protection, Impact's continuous consulting ensures your cybersecurity plan remains current.

Additional Expertise

Network Security Monitoring

Have a team of security professionals regularly review your systems to identify and address any suspicious activities or threats.

Managed Firewall Services

Use software—managed, updated, and monitored by cybersecurity experts—to guard your network's perimeter by scanning incoming and outgoing traffic to block those without authorized access.

Data Protection Services

Shield both your customers’ and your own critical data from loss, corruption, and theft with an advanced cloud security solution.

Cybersecurity Compliance Services

Guarantee your business complies with industry regulations and standards, like CMMC, SEC, and others, through measures and protocols.

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