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Managed Firewall Services

Impact’s managed firewall services create a tough shield around your network to filter traffic and keep your organization and employees secure.

The outer layer of your network, the perimeter, can be a vulnerability or a shield. To safeguard your network from malicious content, viruses, malware, and other threats coming from the outside, Impact offers a next-generation solution. Our expert-driven managed firewall services create a thick layer around your organization so you can stay safe and focus on growing your business.

How It Works

Fortify the Expanding Boundaries of Your Network with Firewall Management Services

An expert-driven managed firewall acts as a fortress around your network, blocking malicious content and threats, so your organization can remain secure.

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Manage Your Business While We Manage Its Protection

Our experienced professionals deploy, monitor, and update your managed firewall solution created around your business requirements.

Expert Management

Overseeing the cybersecurity of a whole organization is a demanding task. With managed firewall services, Impact’s experts take care of the settings, monitoring, and updates of your solution, so you enjoy peace of mind.

Achieve Compliance

Preventing intrusion and managing content is part of protecting your and your customers’ sensitive data. A managed firewall solution helps you comply with data protection laws and regulations.

Complete Coverage

Your firewall solution protects all parts of your network, whether you have multiple branch locations, different team demands, or remote staff. Your whole perimeter is covered, preventing malicious activity from entering it.

Enhanced Security

Managed firewall services ensure your firewall is always running, even during hardware outages or disruptions. Additionally, machine learning and threat intelligence mean you get an advanced security solution that minimizes the chances of a data breach.


“Without proper threat detection, cybercriminals could access your network and stay there...stealing data and preparing for future attacks.”

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Create a Fortress Around Your Network’s Outer Layer

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