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Evaluate performance, find meaningful patterns, draw precise conclusions, and take impactful action with business intelligence and analytics.

Business intelligence (BI) and analytics allow our clients to automatically import company data and derive actionable insights on their organization’s performance. With these services, leaders can get a handle on how particular processes are affecting customer metrics like satisfaction and retention, and identify bottlenecks or opportunities for automation and improvements. Track and evaluate goals against benchmarks and defined KPIs, see the ROI of investments, and understand where to focus your time, resources, and attention moving forward.

How It Works

Features of Impact’s Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Use the automatic mathematical capabilities of computers to analyze large sets of data from years of business operations and find numerous ways to improve that would be difficult for individual humans to find on their own.

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Why Get Business Intelligence Consulting Services?

An analytics tool is only as useful as the data that powers it. It’s important that the data is accurate and complete. We integrate data sources, structuring, organizing, and appending information from different systems to get the best possible view of what’s happening across your organization.

Know What to Measure

Impact will help you define and focus on what KPIs and business metrics to track so you can set up your BI services to provide actionable insights from the start.

Integrate Easily

We can guide the data integration into your business intelligence tool so you don’t have to figure out the inner workings of the latest software.

Knowledgeable Partner

With Impact’s thorough business intelligence consulting, we know how your data is structured already, speeding up the integration and application set up.


“BI can be used across every department in a business The technology is flexible and widely pertinent.”

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