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On the Subject of IT Compliance

In this video, listen to three of Impact’s IT compliance experts give their thoughts on the business compliance environment, what they’ve learned from clients they’ve worked with, and what direction they think compliance is heading in.

IT compliance has become an increasingly hot topic of discussion among SMB executives and decision makers.

In this “On the Subject Of…” video, AJ Tamulaitis, Compliance Manager, Carolyn Schmidt, Compliance Manager, and Chad Adams, Business Development Specialist, sit down to talk about the biggest issues in compliance and what decision makers and executives should consider when it comes to IT compliance.

While in some industries, like healthcare and manufacturing, for example, compliance has been a constant for many years now, for other businesses, complying with the growing number of regulations that impact them is something new.

There are two key drivers of business compliance today—firstly, an increasing desire from customers to ensure data privacy when it comes to personal information.

This is best demonstrated by a number of data privacy laws which are either being drafted or signed into law. The most recognizable are California’s CCPA and New York’s SHIELD Act—at least eight other states are following in their footsteps and proposing their own legislation.

These laws affect all businesses with customers in those states and so it’s become imperative for organizations to have a clear understanding of where they need to be with their compliance.

In addition to this, cyberattacks today are more frequent than ever and more of a threat to SMBs than at any point previous.

As a result, ensuring that sensitive data is protected as it pertains to customers in particular is quickly becoming a key point of contention for companies across the country.

There are also secondary concerns aside from just compliance—many businesses today market themselves on their ability to ensure data privacy; in some industries (especially tech), safeguarding information is seen as a key competitive differentiator.

Compliance is an essential aspect of IT operations for SMBs today, and will continue to play a big role in how information is handled going forward.