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Expert Talk | Carolyn Schmidt on Compliance in Business

As more businesses integrate digital technology into their day-to-day organizational activities, the need for new regulations focused on these assets increases. Standard industry regulations like HIPAA, PCI and more remain commonplace, and newer laws focused on data and digital assets, such as GDPR and CCPA, are now expected of businesses to follow.

Nowadays, you may be asking “What is compliance in business?” For organizational leaders, knowing what’s expected within your industry is more important than ever.

Find your answers to the above and more in our latest Expert Talk video.

About Expert Talk
This thought leadership series features leaders from Impact’s many services areas, all of whom bring unique skillsets and experiences. They share the latest in the industry and provide tips for leaders operating in similar positions.

This video features Carolyn Schmidt, Compliance Manager in Rockford, IL.

View the full Expert Talk series here.


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