Managed Cybersecurity Services

Safeguard your business data with a customized, multi-layered defense strategy 

cybersecurity managed services

What Are Cybersecurity Managed Services?

Managed cybersecurity services are a suite of tools and solutions expertly-designed to mitigate the risks of cyberattacks. At Impact, along with our partner DOT Security, each client gets a custom tech stack that meets their exact needs, and ongoing monitoring to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Don’t leave something as important as the security of your organization up to small internal teams who are understaffed or undertrained. Get guidance and regular review from cybersecurity experts to watch over your business.

How Impact’s Cybersecurity Team Helped Us Securely Transition to Remote Work

See how Impact was able to securely move to a remote model during the pandemic thanks to the quick and effective implementation of cybersecurity tools and how we’re passing this experience onto our clients.

Advantages of Cybersecurity with Impact

  • Training on cybersecurity awareness, best practices, and risk mitigation
  • 24/7 network monitoring from Dot Security’s state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Secure your devices with endpoint protection and edge security
  • Expert cybersecurity consulting to craft next-gen strategies
  • Meet and maintain necessary compliance regulations

Cybersecurity Managed Services

Why You Need Managed Cybersecurity Services

Businesses today are under more threat than ever before from cybercriminals who aim to steal data, cripple critical systems, cause reputational harm, and extract money from organizations that aren’t properly prepared. One data breach can cost businesses thousands of dollars and do irreparable harm to their brand reputation and the trust of their customers. 

With expert-led cybersecurity services, companies can rest easier knowing that they’ve done everything possible to mitigate the risk of a cyberattack.  

What You Get with Cybersecurity Services from Impact

Modern businesses have a lot of potential vulnerabilities to secure. With more connected devices, remote work, multiple networks, and cloud storage, hackers have an increasing number of ways to penetrate a system.  

Managed cybersecurity services from Impact have all the tools needed to secure these vulnerabilities with an array of solutions including endpoint security, network monitoring, access management, compliance services, and expert consulting.


How Cybersecurity Helps Your Business 

Our cybersecurity managed services use a four-step process to build a custom security strategy and provide proactive, holistic protection for your business.  

It all starts with a comprehensive risk audit. We take a deep dive into your network to seek out vulnerabilities, perform penetration testing, and get an understanding of how your business stacks up against your immediate competitors and the industry standard. 

Our specialists use this information to build and deploy a personalized tech stack specifically designed to fortify your weaknesses. But it doesn’t end there. After implementation, our team provides ongoing management and monitoring of your cybersecurity strategy to ensure you always have the best protection for the entire length of our partnership.

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Let’s Connect About Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Solutions

We categorize IT security components to ensure your environment is secured from top to bottom.

Edge Security

With more people working remotely, the edge of a company’s network is more stretched and ambiguous than in the past. Edge security, also known as perimeter security, is a package made up of unified threat management and web application firewalls to cover those vulnerabilities.

Endpoint Protection

As devices become mobile and are used off-site, businesses must implement measures to secure those endpoints from becoming walking vulnerabilities. Endpoint protection from Impact gives you the tools to monitor usage and take a proactive approach to identifying threats that could use endpoints as a gateway into your network.

Secure Data Protection

With businesses storing more of their data on cloud servers, it’s important to have the right protections in place to transfer and access data from different devices and locations. Secure data protection from Impact gives businesses more control over data access, quickly detects and responds to potential threats, and provides stronger data protection at any point in the network.

Identity and Access Management

Implement role-based permissions, manage passwords, and monitor employee access to data with identity and access management solutions that protect information from misuse and reduce the risks of stolen data due to credential theft.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, businesses need a plan to quickly recover their data and get everything running again as quickly as possible. Our backup and disaster recovery solution gives businesses protection against data loss and extended downtime in the event of equipment failure, natural disaster, malware, or a data breach.

Network Security Monitoring

Our experts are always up to date on the latest trends and threats that face businesses today. We use that expertise to keep constant watch over your network infrastructure from the DOT Security SOC to spot vulnerabilities and detect threats before they become harmful.

Compliance Services

Our experts help achieve the standards to maintain compliance with key regulations like HIPAA, PCI, CMMC, and more. Our Compliance-as-a-Service model ensures your business is always ahead of any updates or changes made to relevant laws and regulations.

Cybersecurity Consulting

With cybersecurity consulting from our security partner, DOT Security, you’ll always have access to experts in cybersecurity and compliance through a dedicated vCISO team to help you meet the changing demands of securing a business. This includes cybersecurity awareness training for your staff who are oftentimes the first line of defense. This training helps them identify, avoid, and report cyberthreats aimed at them like phishing and other social engineering attacks.

Managed Cybersecurity FAQs

Who needs cybersecurity services? 

Every business, regardless of the size or industry of your organization, can be a target for cyberattacks and needs cybersecurity services. This is particularly the case for businesses in industries like finance or healthcare that handle more private information where cybersecurity is a must-have to protect your customers and meet compliance standards. 

How do cybersecurity services help businesses? 

Cybersecurity services help businesses by mitigating the constant threat of cyberattack through solutions and services designed to bolster security in every corner of an organization from password management to network monitoring to endpoint protection. With our security partner, DOT Security, Impact is able to provide services that require expertise and experience that can be difficult for business to hire in-house. 

Do mobile devices need cybersecurity? 

Yes, mobile devices need cybersecurity. Without protection, they are also vulnerable to cyberattacks, especially when used remotely to access the company network on an unsecure network. 

What are cybersecurity solutions for the cloud? 

Cybersecurity solutions for the cloud help businesses securely store, access, and transfer data from a remote data storage facility. Impact provides secure data protection services to help prevent data loss, control who has access to data, and monitor data streams for unusual activity to respond quickly to potential threats. 

What happens after a breach? 

After a breach, businesses need to recover quickly to limit negative impacts of downtime. This starts with the first steps of a backup and disaster recovery plan. Impact offers a backup and recovery solution that provides image-based backups of data and gives businesses the tools they need to prevent downtime, recover their data, and get up and running as quickly as possible.

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