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Protect and prepare against cyber threats with custom cyber security managed services

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Full-Scale Cyber Security Services, Managed by Our Experts

Cyber threats are an increasing problem that businesses can no longer afford to ignore. Yet, many small and mid-market companies struggle to prioritize cybersecurity. Limited budgets, a lack of skilled staff and talent shortages make it challenging to identify the right people and technology to launch a cybersecurity program in house. That is where Impact Networking comes in. Impact acts as a managed security service provider (MSSP), delivering the technology and personnel needed to proactively monitor clients’ network infrastructures. Our IT security solution is a combination of industry-leading monitoring software, ongoing monitoring services and long-term advising services that empower businesses to secure their data today, and continue to evolve their cybersecurity strategy alongside the changing threat landscape.

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Managed Cyber Security Services

Why should I choose Impact as my managed cybersecurity service provider?

Impact’s cybersecurity program was created to give mid-market businesses access to an integrated suite of top-of-the-line cybersecurity services, previously only available to enterprise-level businesses with large, dedicated budgets. Our program provides an all-in-one partnership that covers strategy, compliance, support and technology in a low monthly predictable payment model.

We operate with three core values; that SMBs should have access to cybersecurity services without cost restrictions, that security programs must evolve to protect against evolving cyber threats and that SMBs require education and guidance from partners to supplement the skills on their team. Our scalable IT security solutions reduce the time and money spent on gathering and vetting individual products and team members. Our cybersecurity experts have spent hours testing and validating hundreds of vendors and products to identify the technology that would hold up to our set of requirements based on performance, price and integration with common IT and security tools, a successful rate of end user adoption and more.

Cybersecurity services from Impact are right for businesses who need:

strategic IT security A strategic IT security solution guided by cybersecurity experts

recovery Strategies for threat management and recovery

monitoring Systems for alerting, monitoring and filtering potential threats

Tools for proactive management Tools for proactive management and threat resolution

Education Education on risk mitigation strategies and best practices

Cybersecurity tools Cybersecurity tools and strategies that continue to evolve as new threats emerge

Scalable network protection Scalable network protection that evolves alongside your business with advisory services from Impact

Affordable tools Affordable tools with a flexible pricing model

Compliance Compliance with industry regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, etc.

What is included in Impact’s Managed Cybersecurity Services package?

Impact Networking is an all-in-one managed security service provider. We offer 24/7/365 monitoring and support, analysts on staff to address threats and advise on issues, vCISOs who advise and perform business reviews to continually address goals and a custom toolset combining the best products from industry-leading partners that offer ongoing protection for your daily IT security needs.

As your dedicated managed security service provider, we act as the strategic advisors to your IT operations team, and as your alert system for incoming threats. Our cybersecurity specialists lead the entire process from assessment to post-implementation monitoring and advising. Through an extensive risk audit and deep dive into your infrastructure, we’ll be able to target what products and IT security solutions will best help your business maintain safety standards.

With Impact’s Managed Cybersecurity Services, you’ll receive custom cybersecurity services that contain:

Perimeter and endpoint protection Perimeter and endpoint protection

support 24/7/365 monitoring and support

Maintenance Maintenance, risk mitigation and advising

Info and data security Info and data security

User authentication User authentication and identity management

recovery solutions Backup and disaster recovery solutions

monitoring Threat alerts and monitoring

Employee training Employee training


How does the process work?

When we engage a client for our Managed Cybersecurity Services, we start with a thorough review of your business’ IT infrastructure as it relates to network protection.

We perform a multi-step assessment for every client, beginning with discovery and extending to post-implementation monitoring and maintenance in order to get a clear picture of your organization’s specific needs. Led by a vCISO, our team of Cybersecurity Analysts develop the stack and long-term strategic planning based on your budget, size, growth and more.

Our process includes:

  1. Risk audit – A deep dive into your company’s IT infrastructure to see its current health. This includes employee interviews and an investigation of all related systems and technology.
  2. Delivery – We’ll present our findings in a cybersecurity solutions PDF and map out the standards and controls needed to move forward. We lay out budget, process and more to ensure we’re addressing your needs within your parameters.
  3. Onboarding and implementation – Impact handles the installation of tools and training of key personnel and IT operations employees. We make sure deployments are successful and that everything is running optimally.
  4. Maintenance – We’ll be there for you after it’s all set up! Our analysts perform the day-to-day maintenance of your security systems, and we’ll alert you of any threats to provide recommendations for resolution and risk mitigation.

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