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Impact’s Paid Media Management and Strategy Helps Distillery Increase Revenue


  • 72% increase in click-through rate 
  • 18% increase in site traffic 
  • 35% increase in ad impressions 
  • 258% spike in revenue 

“Over the same time period, our client also consistently outperformed the previous year’s revenue benchmarks.” 

Access This Paid Media Strategy and Management Case Study for… 

What You’ll Learn 

  • How audience research fueled Impact’s paid media strategy 
  • Why automating paid media management made spending more efficient 
  • How to make the ads themselves more effective for your goals 

What You’ll Get 

  • Lifetime access to the PDF case study 
  • Graphs and stats with dates that show the exact results of Impact’s work 
  • Explainers of the different elements in Impact’s strategy 

The Problem 

Impact’s client was an award-winning distillery and whiskey distributor in the Midwest. They offer a high-quality product and have superb connections to their community, but despite all of that, their online sales suffered as they struggled to attract the right audience to their website. 

Initially, they attempted to solve the problem on their own by implementing their own paid media strategy. However, without a full marketing team, they simply didn’t have the resources to research and inform their strategy with audience data. 

Without that understanding of their market, their paid media campaigns were ineffective. They weren’t seeing changes in site traffic or revenue. Unless some serious adjustments were made to their marketing, they would only continue losing money while consumers would continue to miss out on their products. 

Access the case study now through the form above to learn more about how Impact helped them overcome these issues! 

The Solution 

Once the distillery brought us in, the first thing Impact did was perform extensive audience research. We looked into the company, their market, and the audience they were hoping to reach to find out what their ideal customers’ patterns are and how our client could fit into them. 

That research informed every next step in our paid media management. With it, we were able to make their ads more specific to their goals, more effective, and get them in front of the right people. It all led to a massive and sustained increase in their revenue. 

See exactly how Impact did it and get clear, repeatable steps for implementing this paid media management strategy in your own business with the form above. Take a look at our paid media services to see what Impact’s team can do for you.