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Development and Marketing Teams Reinvent Logistics App for Transportation Broker

ZMac has been an innovator in the logistics world since 2009. Located in Racine, Wisconsin, their work as a transportation broker puts them front and center within the logistics industry. Specializing in over-dimensional freight services, they work with companies looking to ship their goods within North America to find the right transporter for oversized cargo.

One of the first steps in the order process is generating quotes to provide customers with the available options for their shipment. Always looking for new ways to digitize the process and add more efficiency for its customers, ZMac worked with a third-party company to create the first iteration of the ZRate app.

When the app didn’t deliver the results they needed, ZMac turned to Impact.

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Logistics companies and low-code apps are a perfect match

Would a custom app help you connect better with your customers? Have you tried creating one that’s just not meeting everyone’s needs?

Whether or not you’re in the business of logistics, app development services can help you provide a next-level customer experience. Check out the case study to learn more about our low-code, simple process for building custom apps.

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To solve this issue, members of the Business Applications and Managed Marketing teams collaborated to revamp the app from the inside out.

Get an in-depth look the logistics app development services used when the teams worked together to not only make the ZRate logistics app functional and fast, but also give it some refreshed branding focused on getting customers quotes quickly and onto the next part of the shipment process.

Get a look at the new process, app designs and more. Fill out the form above to get access to the detailed written case study, along with a video case study where the experts describe what happened in their own words.