Impact as a Marketing & Digital Innovation Case Study

See how our marketing and digital innovation teams worked together to create an app that is beautiful and easy to use in this intranet design case study!

Case Study

4 minutes

Jul 29, 2022


  • Customized, updated version of SharePoint
  • Documents can be added without technical staff
  • Minimized calls to HR and IT
  • Promotes company culture
  • Easy to manage and remove outdated information
  • More informed technical staff

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“The new InfoHub resulted in a lot of saved time across the whole business. And then, immediately, there was a lot of positive feedback around the way it looked. I think that was a result of having a UI/UX expert, copywriters, designers, and a technical resource involved together.” – Joe Marcy, SharePoint/O365 Power Platform Manager

Access This Intranet Case Study to Learn…

  • How Impact’s departments worked together
  • What roles people from each team played
  • Why having technical and design resources working together made a huge difference
  • What a modern intranet can do for your business
  • How an outdated intranet can cause problems for an organization
  • Why this experience improves our current SharePoint offering for clients

The Problem

While Impact is proud to work with the newest, most innovative technology on the market, we also understand that successful implementations take time. That means sometimes even we have systems that are outdated or inefficient.

Impact’s intranet used to be one of those systems. Employees had a hard time finding information that they needed, they couldn’t always trust that the information they did find was accurate or up-to-date, and our HR and internal IT departments were regularly asked for information that should’ve been widely disseminated.

Pain points:

  • Outdated technology
  • No system for clearing old files and documents
  • Difficult to search for information
  • Difficult to access specific files
  • Confusing to navigate
  • No way to build company culture

Access this intranet case study through the form above to see how Impact overcame these issues in our new SharePoint intranet!

“The old version was hard to navigate, it wasn’t as intuitive, you didn’t know how to find certain documents.” – Megan McClafferty, Managed Marketing Operations Manager

The Solution

With a tool as important as an intranet, the solution is more advanced than simply updating SharePoint. Impact’s marketing and digital innovation experts had to come together to customize and build a new intranet that is specific to Impact, easy to use, promotes our culture, and gives people the information they need.

From the core of the new system to the details of how it looks, every element was reviewed to make sure it presents a cohesive brand experience for Impact employees and is intuitive for even the least technical users. In this intranet case study, we explore exactly what Impact’s marketing and digital innovation teams worked on to build a successful new SharePoint platform for the company.

Access the full case study now to see what steps they took!


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