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Document Management in the Chemical Manufacturing Industry

The VP at Watertech of America says that working with Impact on document management is one of the best things he’s ever done for the company. Discover why!

Case Study

5 minutes

Mar 09, 2023

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  • Eliminated 25+ file cabinets 
  • Scaled up without new hires 
  • Increased efficiency and productivity 
  • Cost savings

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Without a doubt, I think the implementation of DocuWare with Impact has been one of the best things in my twelve years at the company." – Jon Tiegs, Vice President, Watertech of America

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What You'll Learn

  • Why implementation with Impact is different from buying off-the-shelf software 
  • How to ensure document management software fits your needs
  • What makes document management so much more efficient than paper files

What You’ll Get

  • Video testimony from Watertech of America’s Jon Tiegs, Vice President, and Julie Kutil, Customer Service Manager about Impact’s document management 
  • Details about their previous and current processes
  • Clear lists of Watertech’s challenges and outcomes 

Who Is Watertech of America?

  • Founded in 1980, Watertech of America provides chemicals for water treatment, along with equipment, monitoring technology, and consulting services. They are based in Greenfield, Wisconsin, and have about 50 employees between their technicians, customer service reps, executive team, and other staff. 
  • Watertech works with industries as diverse as energy and hospitality on solutions from the boiler water to water safety. If you want to make sure your water-based impact on your community is as sustainable and business efficient as possible, they are exactly who you want to call. 
  • But for how efficient their water-based solutions are, their document filing and management system in a collection of 40 file cabinets had plenty of room to be streamlined. 

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"A piece of software is worthless if you don’t have people who can make it work for your business." – Jon Tiegs, Vice President, Watertech of America 

The Problem 

Having been in business for decades before working with Impact, Watertech clearly had processes that functioned for their needs. They just weren’t efficient. They were a heavily paper-based company, and every time they needed to access a piece of information about a client or their own solutions, they had to locate and refer to a separate physical document.

In all, this led to filling their office with 40 large file cabinets. Accounts payable was forced to do hours of manual work printing, copying, and storing all POs, invoices, receipts, and more. Customer service calls were slow as representatives had to locate the file with the correct information before resolving the problem. And Watertech had to keep hiring additional support staff to keep up with calls as they grew.

The Solution 

When Impact representatives saw their system of handling important information, they knew that Watertech could benefit greatly from a document management solution like DocuWare. But, for a business with ingrained processes, off-the-shelf software that didn’t adapt to them would not be easy to implement.

See how Watertech and Impact worked together to get a solution that eliminated the need for over half of their file cabinets, allowed them to scale up without hiring additional support staff, and increased efficiency and productivity, all while helping Watertech save money.

Watch the full video case study through the form above to see how they achieved all this today!


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