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Palmer Johnson Enterprises Unifies Subsidiaries with IT Project Management – Case Study

Palmer Johnson Enterprises has been in the distribution business for over 100 years. As of 2020, the company is a consolidation of three brands working together in the power and engine space. As the new organization came together, the teams needed consistent, streamlined systems for sharing data and processes across the different subsidiaries. That’s why Palmer Johnson turned to Impact’s Managed IT department to help—access the IT project management case study below to see the results of our partnership.


Palmer Johnson Enterprises Unifies Subsidiaries with IT Standardization

Access both the PDF and video versions of this IT project management case study to learn how Palmer Johnson Enterprises unified its IT infrastructure across all subsidiaries and streamlined its processes for critical projects in the process.

Access Your IT Project Management Case Study

When Palmer Johnson Enterprises found Impact, the newly consolidated organization had a few goals: integrating the ERP, CRM and other key systems used across the company, shifting subsidiary employees to the new service model and establishing the new Palmer Johnson Enterprises brand, for example.

Like many organizations with a lean IT staff, the company found that managing day-to-day IT operations and implementing an extensive rollout of new systems and infrastructure was an overwhelming amount to take on. According to Palmer Johnson Enterprises IT Manager Phil Turnquist, working with Impact helped the company avoid “a decrease in morale, lost sales and poor customer service” that could have resulted from a lack of streamlined systems support.

Access the case study to learn more about the streamlining opportunities Impact’s business assessment revealed and to see the results of our partnership to date.

Then, learn more about Impact’s comprehensive Managed IT Services program to visualize what solutions may be helpful for your unique organization.