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Document Management System Case Study: Espinoza’s Leather Company

See how Espinoza’s Leather Company saved time and money, and put effort into growth initiatives instead, with this document management system case study.

Case Study

6 minutes

May 04, 2022

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  • 50% reduction in time spent on standard customer communications
  • Higher sales
  • Easier access to critical data
  • Expanded focus on growth-oriented projects
  • and more!

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“As the General Manager of Espinoza’s Leather, I have less stress… I was constantly following up with clients. Now, with the implementation, it’s cut that nearly in half.” – Eric Espinoza, General Manager of Espinoza’s Leather Company 

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  • Why outdated processes can be incredibly risky
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  • How Impact’s implementation process is special
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About Espinoza’s Leather Company

Espinoza’s Leather Company is a family business based in Rosemead, CA that caters to the biker community. They are particularly well-known for their custom-made, hand-tailored leather motorcycle vests, which have been featured in several major movies and TV shows.

The company started in the 70s with handmade belts, hats, purses, and more at state fairs and swap meets. Since then, it has grown to two locations with multiple generations working together. But, after being in business for over 50 years, they had a number of outdated processes in their organization.  

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“Impact treated us like they were the small business and they tailored everything to us.” – Eric Espinoza, General Manager of Espinoza’s Leather Company


The Problem

Because each of their vests is tailor-made one by one, customers have to come to an Espinoza’s Leather Company location in person to be fitted properly and place their order. But before working with Impact, the only way to take that critical data was on a loose sheet of white paper.

Every week, Espinoza’s Leather Company would pay an employee for hours, or even days, to manually input that data into an Excel spreadsheet. It was difficult to find orders, or give customers updates about the status of their vests.

And if they ever lost one of the paper forms before inputting it to Excel, they’d have to ask the customer to come back to the store to re-take their order.

The Solution

After performing a thorough business assessment of Espinoza’s Leather Company, Impact’s experts were able to pick out a solution that would:

  • Allow the company to go almost paperless in their order-taking process 
  • Automatically email customers status updates on their vests
  • Be easily searchable
  • Safely store customer orders

With this solution, not only did working with Impact solve all of Espinoza’s Leather Company’s original pain points, but it also led to a number of additional benefits that have been extremely helpful for the business.

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