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Financial Services App Development Case Study | ProManage


  • 67% pilot tester retention
  • More demos
  • Happier clients
  • More professional brand appearance

“Impact has become a strong strategic partner with us. It’s hard for me to imagine a time when we wouldn’t be engaged with them moving forward in our business.” – Mike Chard, President of ProManage

Access this financial services app development case study:

What You’ll Learn

  • How to create products that are specific and targeted
  • Clients’ problem with DIY app development
  • What goes into market research
  • The types of experts you need to build successful marketing materials

What You’ll Get

  • Lifetime access to the written PDF case study
  • An exclusive QR code to watch the full-length case study in video form
  • Insight into the true scope of app development projects

About ProManage

ProManage is a B2B financial services company that creates products to help clients’ employees manage their 401ks, invest their savings intelligently, and handle their money well. They have expert-level knowledge about personal finance, and their mission is to make financial wellness more accessible.

They pride themselves on having a team filled with people who are not just experts in investing and consulting, but who are also curious and compassionate. That’s what makes ProManage different from any of their competitors: they lead with empathy to help participants make the best choices when handling something as inherently emotional as money.

See how they were able to use that empathy and expertise to grow with just a little marketing help from Impact by accessing this financial services app development case study now!

“We were very good at the technical aspects of it… but we were horrible at interacting with the participant and getting them to come back.” – Tony Sabos, CEO of ProManage


While the team at ProManage has a thorough understanding of what individuals should do with their money, they had a hard time clearly communicating that to consumers through their products. This was particularly problematic because, as a B2B company, those products were their only means of communicating directly with regular consumers.

For one such product, ProManage had developed a personal finance app in-house. However, without user-centric design, clear copy, and thorough market research, that app was floundering. They struggled to retain users, which led to issues with getting new clients.

By the time ProManage came to Impact, their app was at a tipping point. With the right help, it could move forward in a great way. But without it, ProManage might have been forced to scrap the entire product, wasting money and time in development and potential clients.


After working with Impact’s Managed Marketing team, ProManage experienced a much higher rate of adoption, was able to make their clients much happier, and gave more demos for their products than ever before.

Beyond that, their work with Impact was so successful that we decided to expand the relationship into a long-term, strategic partnership.

Impact was able to achieve these results by collecting mass amounts of data and using it when considering every aspect of ProManage’s product. See the specifics of how we did it in this financial services app development case study!

Access the case study now through the form above!