Kay Manufacturing: Case Study in the Manufacturing Industry

Impact is putting our relationship with Kay Manufacturing “Under the Lens” in this marketing case study on how they promoted their manufacturing industry work.

Case Study

5 minutes

May 25, 2022

American manufacturers have run into a number of hardships over the past few decades. But finding a way to stand out among competitors doesn’t have to be one of them. Check out this case study on the manufacturing industry to see how Impact’s managed marketing team helped Kay Manufacturing do exactly that with refreshed branding and photography. 

The Challenge 

Kay Manufacturing doesn’t just operate in the US generally, they locally source and create their precision parts. But, despite their connections to the community and having technology that surpassed anything their competition could offer, they struggled to attract customers and staff. 

When auditing Kay’s marketing, Impact found two major things to adjust about their strategy: 

  • Weak online presence 
  • Branding that didn’t stand out in their industry 

In order to grow their business and expand their workforce, Kay would need to overhaul their communications to be more broad, memorable, and effective. 

What Kay Manufacturing Asked For 

explanation of Impact's marketing services for Kay manufacturing

Brand Refresh 

A business’ brand includes everything a customer might imagine when considering that company on a surface level. It can include their logo, typical color palette, common language and tone, and beyond. 

When it comes to refreshing a business’ brand, the scope of work can vary. Sometimes it just involves updating the assets a company already has, other times Impact has to create an entirely new logo, tagline, and beyond. 

No matter what the scope looks like, though, the end result of a brand refresh is a cohesive and versatile set of assets and guidelines that will help consumers remember you more easily. 

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Social Media 

Social media is still a relatively new method of communication. Between its youth and the fact that most users are on it for fun rather than work, organizations still struggle to come up with an effective and comprehensive social media strategy. 

Impact uses social media marketing best practices along with a client’s brand guidelines and goals to come up with a long-term plan. It will include posts designed to improve engagement and awareness, ultimately leading to more customers and easier recruitment. 

Photography and Videography 

Professional organizations need to use professional images. Blurry or low-quality photos and videos make products or services look unappealing, and stock photos and videos are so generic that they’re easily forgettable. 

That’s where photography and videography services come in. Impact’s creatives will take images of your products, locations, and staff that show them (literally) in their best light. We can even make sure that the final products fit in perfectly with the rest of your branding so they’re all easy to stick into your marketing materials wherever you’d like them to go. 

85% of marketers say short-form video is the most effective social media content in 2021. 

Our Insight 

Over the past few decades, multiple case studies on the manufacturing industry have shown that automation makes production faster, cheaper, and more reliable as it minimizes the potential for human error. However, products improve when they’re examined and audited by humans. 

Kay Manufacturing offers a level of quality in their precision parts that their competitors can’t match because they marry both elements of production. They use cutting-edge technology all throughout their processes, and well-trained humans ensure that everything is working optimally and look for ways to improve their products. 

“Our clients were so wicked smart and experimental, it was awesome to give them a look with as big a personality as they have.” – Matthew P., Design Lead 

This understanding became the center of Kay’s refreshed branding strategy. Impact and Kay together decided to use it to position them as the leader of the next era of modern manufacturing, with a brand character that is creative, precise, and bold. 

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The Final Product 

With this new brand character and positioning in mind, Impact followed through with our photography and videography work, showcasing Kay’s employees and using vibrant colors to emphasize the human connection. 

Additionally, Impact overhauled Kay’s website and social channels to tell the story of their smart integration and how the machinery and their employees are equally crucial in their process. 

Between the color and the human-centric storytelling, Kay Manufacturing is a case study on standing out in the manufacturing industry. 

In Conclusion 

Even in a technical industry like manufacturing, one of the most reliable ways to make your company and message stand out is by emphasizing humanity, innovation, and progress. 

Combining cutting-edge technology with well-trained humans leads to the highest quality products, and it’s worth taking the time to highlight those elements so customers know exactly what makes your work stand out. 

By taking the time to understand what makes Kay Manufacturing special and knowing how it will resonate with consumers, Impact was able to successfully refresh its brand and messaging. They can now continuously and sustainably communicate with their community and stand out in their industry for the long term. 

If you’re ready to optimize your company’s branding and connect with your target audience, connect with an Impact specialist for a strategy call today! 


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