How We Do It: Impact as a Cybersecurity Case Study

Impact tests our solutions on ourselves first to ensure that they provide real value. See it in practice with our cybersecurity through this case study.

Case Study

6 minutes

Mar 25, 2022

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  • Peace of mind for remote workers
  • Company-wide standards and practices for all devices
  • Secure customer and company data
  • Next-gen cybersecurity tools
  • Increased user awareness about potential attack vectors

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What you’ll learn

  • How Impact avoided becoming the victim of a cyberattack during a time when many other companies were breached
  • Why Impact knew immediately that changing our processes was crucial and time-sensitive 
  • What we had to have in place to make this change realistic and effective 
  • How this led to the birth of a new, separate MSSP: DOT Security

What you’ll get

  • Lifetime access to the PDF cybersecurity case study breaking down exactly what Impact did to stay safe, using statistics and naming software partners
  • A QR code to see a video with the Impact experts explaining in their own words what they did and why
  • The opportunity to connect with a specialist and find out how to apply these kinds of changes to your unique situation

Impact and DOT Security

Impact offers managed cybersecurity services that are powered by our partner, DOT Security. Impact’s specialists know your environment inside and out, implement new technology, and handle breaches or threats that may arise. Since we’re always defending your system, you can focus on other aspects of running your business and feel comfortable that your security is handled.

Our experts work closely with the specialists at DOT Security. They are highly trained and pursue ongoing education in their area of cybersecurity, from penetration testing to staying compliant with cybersecurity regulations.

This cybersecurity case study shows the beginning of our partnership. Between DOT Security’s monitoring and understanding and Impact’s technical and managerial skill, this cybersecurity service is the perfect solution when you need to upgrade your business’ defenses.  

The Problem

When COVID-19 first hit, all of Impact’s 500+ employees very quickly had to shift to a work-from-home model. But that meant there were now a significant number of new cybersecurity vulnerabilities; including unsecured home Wi-Fi networks, a lack of edge protection, and easier ways for attackers to access critical documents.

The internal IT team had to find new and more reliable ways of keeping each endpoint and the overall digital environment safe. And, because attackers are known for jumping on opportunities, they had to make it happen in a very short span of time. See some of the possible consequences of this situation in the cybersecurity case study.

The Solution

Impact’s experts rolled out a number of software updates and upgrades very quickly. They started with a small team of users to ensure that they worked, and then expanded the number of people and devices on them. And since time was a factor, they focused on endpoint protection software of all kinds that could work together to provide a comprehensive defense.

The software they installed combined with their ongoing monitoring of Impact’s environment meant that, during a time when many SMBs became victims, Impact avoided being breached by a cyberattack.

Find out exactly what Impact did to keep our digital environment safe during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic by accessing the full cybersecurity case study now! 


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