Marketing Strategy Case Study | Schuetz Insurance

Watch this marketing strategy case study to learn how Impact worked with an 80-year-old company to totally revamp and modernize their brand.

Case Study

3 minutes

Jun 01, 2023

This marketing strategy case study takes a microscope to the partnership between Schuetz Insurance and Impact Networking. By doing so, we zoom in on key aspects of the partnership. Aspects such as pain points Schuetz Insurance was experiencing, the custom solutions Impact delivered, and the results that followed.


  • 25% business growth
  • Increased web traffic
  • Increased social media engagement
  • Comprehensive long-term marketing strategy

“I think working with Impact has made our web presence 100% better from where we were and from that, we’re getting higher engagement and new clients.” – Dave Linthicum, President, Schuetz Insurance

In This Marketing Strategy Case Study, You’ll Learn…

  • The power of expert-driven SEO
  • Why online engagement matters
  • The role of social media in modern marketing
  • How a long-term marketing strategy led to much higher gains than any one-off project could have

About Schuetz Insurance

Schuetz Insurance is an 80-year-old business operating in the specialty insurance space. It began as a family-owned firm in 1943. Based in Indianapolis, they pride themselves as a staple in the Midwest when it comes to insurance coverage.  

In 2012, the Schuetz family sold the company to long-time employee and current president, David A. Linthicum. Under Linthicum’s leadership, the firm has won Agency of the Year, awarded by Independent Insurance Agents of Indiana, twice: once in 2015 and again in 2022 after rebranding and revamping their marketing strategy.

Watch this marketing strategy case study and learn more about the specific pain points Schuetz Insurance was facing along with the custom solutions Impact was able to deliver.

“They’re persistent, they’re easy to work with, their team is amazing.” – Mike Corcoran, Vice President of Sales, Schuetz Insurance

The Problem

One of the main issues that Schuetz Insurance faced leading up to their partnership with Impact was a lack of online visibility. This was causing them to lose business to a direct competitor with a similar name while also hindering their ability to grow organically in the digital era.  

Prior to revamping the Schuetz Insurance brand with Impact, Account Managers took an individualized approach to marketing which lacked formal procedures and created misalignment throughout the organization.  

Had Schuetz not been proactive in partnering with Impact, they could still be losing sales to direct competition, their marketing would continue to be randomized, and their website might still feel outdated.

The Solution

After performing a full evaluation on the current Schuetz Insurance brand, the Impact team worked with their leadership in devising a long-term strategy to modernize their marketing plan and increase their online visibility.

The custom solutions Impact developed and implemented with Schuetz Insurance were rooted in data and research that created the foundation for long-term business thinking and continual growth.

Schuetz Insurance trusted the process with Impact and have since grown 25%.

Watch the marketing strategy case study above to learn the full breadth of the solutions Impact custom-built and implemented for Schuetz Insurance.


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