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Coffee with Impact: Remote Work Series | Episode 5

Future-Proof Your Business with Cloud ERP

In the midst of the current crisis, businesses have to adapt to the realities of remote workspace management on an unprecedented scale.

With your employees OOO, it can be extremely difficult for business leaders to have an extensive overview of their operations, meaning decision-making is significantly harder. How can a cloud ERP help in these times? And how can you leverage your data through an ERP to give you the insight and knowledge to be the most effective decision-maker possible?

This webinar was presented by Mark Sengstock, Director of Enterprise Solutions, and Caitlin Pace, Business Development Specialist and they will walk you through the ins and outs of a cloud ERP.

In this webinar, our experts covered:

  • How an ERP can be used with a hybrid workforce of remote workers and essential workers in the field
  • How it can be deployed rapidly into a business
  • How an ERP can give you anywhere, anytime access
  • How they can alleviate data redundancy and bring you simple ease-of-use

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