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Infographic: How Much Is Paper Costing Your Business?

Printing is expensive, but how much are printing costs for a business?

Well, print costs are something of a hidden problem for SMBs.

Many organizations have little or even no visibility into how they manage their paper consumption and printing costs, which can spiral out of control without you even knowing it.

Why is this important now?

Well, keeping on top of print costs has always been important, but a rapid proliferation in the volume of data being handled by small and midsize companies has meant that more information and documentation (and consequently paper) has been produced to accommodate it.

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We’ve put together this infographic to give you an insight into how much it’s really costing you to have an unmanaged printing infrastructure and why businesses in 2020 should seriously consider assessing their needs.

How much is paper costing your business?

Print management is an important part of reducing costs for many small and midsize businesses that are budget-conscious and looking for ways to cut down on expenditure and their environmental impact. For more information about what print management can do for you, take a look at our Managed Print Services page and discover what you could get from a partnership with a managed service provider.