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What is Recruitment Marketing? | The Huddle

Watch episode two of The Huddle with Aaron Dyck, President of Managed Marketing at Impact. This week, our special guest is Cynthia Bennett, VP of Talent Acquisition/Partner at Impact. Together, she and Aaron discuss the ways in which recruitment and marketing are tied together, and the biggest challenges recruiters are facing today. 

What You’ll Learn

Whether you’re looking to attract new talent to your team or are helping your talent acquisition team send out the right message about the company, it’s crucial among the modern workforce to know what recruitment marketing is and how to use it most effectively. 

By listening to Aaron Dyck’s conversation with Cynthia Bennett, you’ll learn: 

  • How to stand out in a job hunter’s market 
  • The two biggest challenges recruiters are facing today 
  • The unexpected place recruitment will happen in the future 
  • Why great branding is a requirement for recruiting top talent
  • What recruiting is ultimately all about 

Improve your understanding of what recruitment marketing is, present a clear company story to potential employees, and attract your ideal candidates to make the leap and apply to your open positions with the tips and tricks in this video today. 

Get Ready to Huddle Up

The Huddle with Aaron Dyck is a video series from Impact. Each episode features guests with a wide array of expertise talking about marketing. From executives whose departments are affected by marketing decisions to marketing professionals with insight into trends and best practices, it’s a must-watch for anyone who wants to amplify their message and grow their organization. 

Impact offers a full-service marketing agency, with enterprise-level resources for businesses of any size from research and insights to content creation to forming a long-term marketing strategy. If you’re ready to build one for your own organization, reach out to a specialist now. 

From the episode: See what recruitment marketing is for yourself with Impact’s own examples: Videos — Careers at Impact Networking

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