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Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps Goes Paperless with DocuWare

As a multi-location fitness camp focused on providing Midwest communities with a unique fitness plan, the team at Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps needed to work fast. As they expanded their business, they found that keeping up with the paperwork associated with their programs was becoming harder and harder.

The small team used paper for everything, including registration, supplement orders, and t-shirt orders. Not only were these processes time consuming and costly, but the lack of privacy that comes with paper documentation caused some customers to turn away. The CEO began to search for document management software solutions and connected with Impact.

The Impact Enterprise Software Solutions team did a deep dive into the paper-driven, manual work the Fat Loss Camp employees were doing. Then, they offered a fast, secure solution in the form of DocuWare.

Watch this case study video to find out how the Impact team was able to turn the paper processes at Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps into digital-first workflows running a secure environment.

Impact’s partnership with DocuWare has deep roots—in fact, we have been members of the elite DocuWare Diamond Club for over a decade. Impact has been a member of the DocuWare Diamond Club longer than any other organization.

Our status with DocuWare is beneficial to both Impact and our clients, as this relationship facilitates an exclusive level of access and benefits not afforded to other DocuWare partners. We are so proud to be able to offer customized document management solutions to our clients that leverage all of the benefits of DocuWare software in a way that’s tailored to meet the needs of each unique business.

Thanks for watching our case study demonstrating how our document management software solutions through DocuWare helped transform Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps paper-based processes. If you’re experiencing similar pain points in your organization, please connect with one of our specialists to start a conversation about how we can support you, too.