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Tech Tips: Quick and Easy Tips for Password Reset

If there’s one thing technology users of all backgrounds can agree on, it’s that oftentimes, technology can be a bit confusing. No matter what your knowledge level is, it’s good to take a step back and get a refresher on some of the basics, such as these quick and easy password reset tips.

Once you receive a new device or have been using your current one for a long time, a common best practice to apply is to update your passwords. As today’s cybersecurity experts will tell you, a computer with no protection settings or weak credentials can open the gateways for data breaches, physical theft and access to confidential information and a list of industry compliance issues.


Look below for the full written out tips so you can follow along with the video:


Step 1: Press Control, Alt and Delete

Step 2: Click the Change a password option

Step 3: Enter your current password

Step 4: Type in your new password and verify it

Step 5: Press enter

Step 1: Click on the apple in the upper-left corner

Step 2: Click System Preferences in the drop-down

Step 3: Click the icon labeled Users and Groups

Step 4: Type in your new password and verify it

Step 5: Click the Change Password button


About Tech Tips
Members of some of Impact’s many service lines break down and demonstrate common technology and software problems, and how you can address them.

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This video features Mike Gould, Help Desk Analyst in Lake Forest, IL.