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The Future of Work: Software Robots

The future of the workplace involves a unique relationship between humans and bots. As noted by Frank DeGeorge, Impact’s Chief Technology Officer and Partner, that doesn’t mean offices will be filled with physical, life-size machines. These helpers are software bots that are developed and deployed digitally to make work easier for employees.


Wondering what the importance of automation in business is? With this video, you’ll get insights into not only how Impact has provided clients with apps, solutions and more utilizing software robots to speed up manual, repetitive tasks and automate workflows. You’ll also get to hear about how Impact has taken these partner products, including Mendix Low-CodeKofax RPA and DocuWare content management, and developed internal use cases to improve the company’s own workflows and processes.


Interested in hearing how these bots work?

Don’t just listen to us; take a look at some of our latest case studies and testimonials featuring business owners and employees who have already experienced the positive benefits of workflow automation.
Read how low-code and marketing came together for a transportation broker, hear from a water treatment company’s Vice President who helped his company go paperless through document management and how software robots sped up order processing for a busy machine parts manufacturer.

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