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Ask Impact: Experienced Sales Professionals

What does a long-term career in sales look like? As the times change, so do the roles available, making it an exciting journey with plenty of different opportunities depending on your skills and interests.

Hear more about two of the potential roles an experience sales rep can grow into in this Ask Impact video. Two sales experts, one focused on Major Accounts and the other on management, take questions and offer their unique perspectives on career advancement and the skills that come along with it. 

About Ask Impact

Find out what it takes to grow your career at Impact in this video series. Members of the team come together to answer questions they haven’t seen before, and offer tips and advice for job roles, collaboration, management and providing world-class services to clients.

Watch the full series here.

This video features Matt Michael, Major Account Executive, and Alex Kusters, Sales Manager and Partner in Brookfield, WI.

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