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Ask Impact: Marketing Q&A with ES99’s Executives

As a competitive marketing agency, ES99 needs to not only stay in-the-know about marketing trends, but also bring in talent with the right experience to apply these trends and modern strategy for SMBs. How is this done by the experts? Check out this marketing Q&A with two of ES99’s executives. They answer questions about leading a managed marketing agency, their experience and about what’s standing out to them in the industry.
Watch their Ask Impact feature video below to get their insights:

About Ask Impact
Get a better understanding of business services, career paths and industry trends with answers directly from the Impact team. Each episode, two members of the team take questions and provide must-hear responses. You can watch the full series online.

This video features Aaron Dyck, ES99 CEO, and Rob Scuglik, ES99 VP/Director of Client Solutions, in Chicago, IL.


More questions about marketing?
Check out our other marketing Q&A with ES99 design team members Ali Bakun and Stacie Thompson. They offer the creative’s perspective on working for an agency, client relationships and the collaboration process used to complete projects.

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