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Managed Security Solution | A Detailed Look

A proactive approach to cybersecurity is the most effective method to mitigate risk. At the end of the day, there is no way to completely ensure your organization won’t be hacked, but you can put measures in place to reduce the overall impact on your business. This is especially important for small to midsize businesses.

The cost to hire a cybersecurity specialist in-house, identify appropriate solutions, and then implement, manage, tune, and monitor those tools can become expensive very quickly. Additionally, with just one cybersecurity expert, you only have their expertise to draw upon rather than a full team.

With a managed security solution, you get access to all of that plus a full team of cybersecurity experts, engineers, and a virtual CISO at practically the same cost as hiring one in-house specialist.

Learn more about the cost justification and importance of working with a managed security provider in the video below.

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During Impact’s risk audit, our experts will uncover pain points and gaps to make recommendations and monitor on an on-going basis. The risk audit includes a vulnerability scan and penetration test to get an understanding of how secure the network currently is.

In recent months, there has been added concern with the majority of employees working from home at one point or another during 2020. Many businesses rushed to get their teams working off-site, opening up avenues for hackers to exploit and then pivot into your corporate environment.

Ready to talk to a specialist about a managed security solution? Contact us today to see if a partnership would be valuable for your business.