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Can You Improve Lead Generation with Digital Marketing? | The Huddle

In this final episode of The Huddle, host Aaron Dyck sits down with Kevin Meyer, the Director of Research and Insights at Impact’s marketing department, formerly known as ES99. They talk about using research to improve sales lead generation in digital marketing, and how to turn marketing into an investment rather than just a cost. Watch their discussion below:  

What Is Lead Generation in Digital Marketing? 

In the episode, Kevin acknowledges that “lead generation” is a term that is used so often it’s at risk of becoming a buzzword. Learn what it actually involves, along with 

  • How to use marketing to generate more sales leads 
  • What constitutes a “lead”  
  • What a research and insights team does 
  • How to get the best return on your marketing investments 
  • Why it’s crucial to understand exactly how your consumers shop 

We’ve explored how to align sales and marketing in previous episodes of The Huddle. Now, you can use Aaron and Kevin’s conversation to take those ideas to the next level as they turn them into actionable steps for generating business! 

Marketing at Impact 

If you’d like expert help applying these concepts to your own business for amplifying your message, reach out to the marketing specialists at Impact. 

We can do the kind of research Kevin talks about for your organization, and then utilize our full suite of creatives to build the perfect set of marketing materials for achieving your goals from lead generation with digital marketing to content to improve recruitment. 

Don’t Break The Huddle Yet! 

This may be the final episode of The Huddle, but there’s still plenty of great insights to gain from all of our previous episodes! Whether you’re looking to learn about cross-selling, recruitment marketing, brand strategy, or anything else, take the time to watch through the whole series for a top-tier exploration of the possibilities in modern marketing. 

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