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Implementing Managed Print Services | A Detailed Look

How well do you manage your printing output and costs? As our California Vice President of Sales Don Duvall says, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

With 90% of American businesses not tracking their printing habits, costs escalate until the point where it becomes a major drag on company finances—often a silent drag as many decision makers simply accept printing costs for what they are.

In this video, we sit down with Don, as well as Contract Lead Sujata McCawley, as they examine the process of managed print implementation and how it encompasses far more than just installing new MFPs.

Check it out!

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The vast majority of businesses in the US have no idea how much they spend on printing, leading to rising costs as printing habits continue to expend more and more paper every year. The average employee’s printing habits cost their business around $725 per year—for an SMB with 150 staff, that’s over $100,000!

These costs can be drastically reduced by taking steps to ensure better management and control of your printing—including upgrading your fleet, taking advantage of digital solutions and practices to reduce excess waste and using management technology to stick to a stated budget. If you don’t know how much you’re spending on printing or feel as though print expenses are getting out of hand after every year, then managed print services is what you need.

Discover more about how Impact can help your business get printing on the right track by visiting our Managed Print Services offering.