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Impact Goes Paperless: Find Out How We Did It

Many of Impact’s clients are supplied with hardware as part of their contracts with our Managed IT team. For each of these orders, a paper-based, manual process was required to be carried out by Leasing and Purchasing teams, resulting in a consistent cost to budgets and resources.

As a result of this issue, our Digital Innovation team examined the processes in our Administration teams and concluded that they were excellent candidates for a digital transformation program to help them rely far less on traditional processing tasks.

Once the issues had been established and a solution recommended, the Administration team was able to buy into the project, and the Digital Innovation team got to work.

The result was a paperless department—more streamlined, quicker at their processing jobs; meaning happier employees and more satisfied customers able to get their orders faster.

Watch this case study video to hear from members of the Administration and Digital Innovation teams—their thoughts on the initial situation; how they remedied it and how they worked together to achieve an outcome that is a long way from the manual, costly processes that caused the issues in the first place.

For a more in-depth look at exactly what went into this digital transformation, and to learn what a similar project might look for your business, be sure to read our written case study, which examines each phase in detail.


You can download the case study here.