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Expert Talk | Mark Sengstock on Business Network Solutions

In the business applications space, enterprise solutions designed for small and midsized businesses are in high demand. As the offerings within business network solutions portfolios grows to meet the needs of multiple industries, sitting down with an expert is key to making the most cost-effective decisions.  
Mark Sengstock, the head of Impact’s enterprise network solutions team, shares some of his extensive knowledge about enterprise systems for SMBs, ERP and cloud platforms, and working with a team of multi-skilled experts. 

About Expert Talk 

This thought leadership series features leaders from Impact’s many services areas, all of whom bring unique skillsets and experiences. They share the latest in the industry and provide tips for leaders operating in similar positions.  

This video features Mark Sengstock, Director of Enterprise Solutions in Lake Forest, IL. 


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Video Transcript 

My name is Mark Sengstock. I’m the Director of Enterprise Solutions for Impact Networking.  


What kind of experience do you look for in enterprise business network solutions employees? 

For Enterprise Solutions employees, we look for a combination of business acumen and technical expertise. What’s very appealing for us is when we find somebody that has that combination of business smarts, teamed up with a little bit of technical background, so that kind of one-two punch is really important for us.  


What are some of the solutions your team currently focuses on? 

Our team normally focuses on low-payoff activities, trying to fix that low-payoff activity. We try to find the pain that’s happening in small, medium-sized businesses and eliminate that as much as possible. 


What is the value of an ERP system for an SMB? 

The value of an ERP system for an SMB is, if I had to pick one word, it would be visibility. Having visibility into everything, all of the day-to-day activities that go on, from invoicing to billing to inventory to ecommerce. All of those different facets of the business. Having visibility into those is extremely important.  


What current trends are you seeing in the industry when it comes to enterprise solutions?  

Current trends in the enterprise solutions market, one is cloud. Everybody is moving to the cloud. Server infrastructure is still there; but as far as small, medium-sized businesses, moving to the cloud is key because they don’t have to keep a robust infrastructure and have to staff people to maintain that, so I would say that cloud solutions is a big trend with the SMBs today.  


What do you think it means to be a leader?  

I think being a leader means enabling my team for success. It’s best if a leader is not necessarily a doer, but a shower; so, I want to train my people and train my team and enable them to be successful rather than taking my expertise and using that directly in the field, you know, kind of cloning myself to make a productive team and make sure that they have all the tools and skills that they need to be able to grow themselves, and eventually move up and be more successful as time goes on.