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Expert Talk: Alex Zaban on the Sales Management Process

The sales management process that Impact uses for all of its locations has proved enormously successful in our 21 years of existence. But what does it entail, exactly? What role do our Sales Managers play in making sure Impact continues to operate like a well-oiled machine? 

 In this Expert Talk video, Impact veteran Alex Zaban takes us through his sales management process; the importance of leadership and mentorship; a strong structure; and the challenges that he faces when expanding into a new territory. 

 Take a look below and learn about Impact’s unique sales management process! 

About Expert Talk 

This thought leadership series features different managers and executives across Impact, who provide insights into their roles, departments and respective industries. 

 This video features Alex ZabanSales Manager in Brookfield, WI.  

 Enjoy the rest of the Expert Talk video series. 


Video Transcript:

My name is Alex Zaban and I’m the Sales Manager of Brookfield Sales Team 1. 

What does the role of a sales manager entail? 

The role of a sales manager entails developing young sales professionals. As long as I can provide leadership to them, it’ll help build a strong culture; a place for comfort and an ability to help hit their targets. 

How is your sales team structured? 

My Sales team is structured with six Account Managers. They’re all provided a geographical territory zone where they’re essentially the CEO or business development specialist for that area. They range anywhere from entrylevel to major account representatives and that’s just based off of their track record of promotions and performance that they’ve had throughout their career at Impact. 

What challenges do you face when building a presence in a new territory? 

When building a presence in a new territory, there’s two challenges; time and awareness. In regard to awareness, it’s really important to understand the competitive landscape in that territory and understand gaps in that territory that that market has. When you can identify those types of things, you can position yourself in a way to understand ways to market yourself, ways to be involved in the community and ways to connect with partnerships that will enhance your business. And then the other piece of that is time so it takes time to build the awareness, with the business representatives canvassing and working those territories to spread the name of Impact. 

How would you describe Impact’s approach to sales? 

Impact’s approach to sales is unique because we focus on salespeople and we focus on them to be hunters in their market, and I think that’s what makes us really unique because when we use Impacts unique techniques and tools to provide the account managers while coaching and developing them to follow the Impact sales process, I think that’s what’s made us really unbeatable and the Impact sales process is our secret sauce.  

What is your approach to management? 

My approach to management would be: take off the jacket, roll up the sleeves and get sidebyside with people. I think It’s super critical when you’re in a leadership role to show them that youre willing to do any part of the job and when you can do that, youre going to build trust and respect with your team and then they’ll do whatever you need them to do. 

What do you think it means to be a leader? 

I think what it means to be a leader is someone who can provide the skills and the desire to want to lead people, and that means a lot. You have to be able to have the ability to coach and performance manage your peers, good or bad, and you have to be able to get the respect from them. Leadership is more important now than ever and these young professionals need that guidance. 

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