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Expert Talk: Jeff Leder on Cybersecurity Management

The cybersecurity management side of the IT industry is currently making its way into the forefront. While in the past, the expenses associated with introducing cybersecurity initiatives or hiring specialists seemed to be a privilege that only enterprises could afford. Now, as explained by Jeff Leder in this episode of Expert Talk, SMBs cannot risk not taking IT security seriously.

If you’re curious about managerial responsibilities, and how outsourced managed cybersecurity teams work for clients, watch this video. Jeff will be answering questions and providing a focus on SMB cybersecurity needs and how to meet them through an MSSP.

How can you get started in securing your IT network? 

If you’re looking to secure your infrastructure, but don’t have the resources, we’re here to help! Here are a few preliminary steps you can take to begin your journey towards a more secure business.

  1. Grab a copy of our Remote Work Cybersecurity Checklist, which outlines many of the common vulnerabilities small and midmarket businesses face. This will give you, as well as your Impact partners, a better idea of the challenges that need to be addressed
  2. Reach out to our Managed Cybersecurity team, and they will provide more information about our services, our unique go-to-market strategy, the risk audit, cybersecurity management, and more.
  3. Get educated with our experts. Take a look at the third episode of our Coffee with Impact: Remote Work series. In it, Jeff, alongside Luke Donald, Cybersecurity Engineer, Eric Serrano, vCISO, talk about the attacker and defender perspectives on recent cybersecurity events, offer business tips and apply these topics to the work-from-home culture.

About Expert Talk

This thought leadership series features different managers and executives across Impact, who provide insights into their roles, departments and respective industries.

This video features Jeff Leder, Director of Managed IT Security Services in Bolingbrook, IL. Watch more of this thought leadership series:

Video Transcript:

My name is Jeff Leder, Director of Managed IT Security Services.

What does a typical day at Impact look like for you?

There is no typical day, per se. A typical day for me involves reviewing industry trends, reviewing our partnership and solution set, ensuring that our documentation is up-to-date, our project plans are accurate, ensuring that the team is progressing as needed and working to develop our audit and monitoring solutions.

What types of changes have you seen in your industry?

The industry, in general, has changed dramatically since I first started. Virtualization is definitely something that became more prevalent over time. Containerization is also something that has grown in popularity in more recent years. As far as cybersecurity is concerned, attackers continue to evolve their threats. The capabilities of the monitoring and defensive solutions that are out there in the cybersecurity industry are excellent, but the attackers keep finding ways around them.

What has stayed the same?

Networking, in general, has remained somewhat similar today as it has for the longest time, but in sort of an interesting way because cloud-computing and migration up to SAS solutions and that type of thing have really changed how the networking configuration operates.

What has been the biggest challenge in building a department from the ground up?

The most immediate challenge was identifying the problem set that was out there. Cybersecurity is a massive industry and when looking at what our clients actually needed, we needed to break that down into a manageable problem set. Once we identified or categorized problems and risks into specific categories, then we set out to identify which solutions fit within those categories most effectively addressed those problems.

What tips can you offer small businesses looking to improve their cybersecurity?

The biggest tip I can offer to a small business in order to improve their cybersecurity would be to reach out to Impact for a risk audit. Often times, small businesses are unaware of all the risks that they face and that’s a huge problem within the industry, in general. By identifying those risks and being able to explain why they’re relevant for that business, we can begin to develop a solution set for them. From there, the implementation of an actual cybersecurity program is key so that those organizations can remain well-defended from attackers.

What do you think it means to be a leader?

Being a leader definitely involves ensuring that you have a vision and that you’re able to translate vision to your team, getting the right resources in your teams’ hands so that they can execute on that vision and also listening to them and ensuring that their feedback helps mold the vision and the direction is huge when it comes to leadership.