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Cybercrime Solutions | An Inside Look

Small to midsize businesses need to be concerned about cybercrime because they are, in fact, the number one target for criminals.

Taking the time to hire a cybersecurity specialist and work to test and purchase the right tools can be a lot of work. Given that cybersecurity is so important, it can be inadequate to pass on these duties to an already over-worked IT team. With a managed security service provider (MSSP), organizations get access to a defined process, vetted set of tools, and skilled cybersecurity experts to protect and defend company assets.

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Interested in what the process looks like to get started with a cybercrime solution? First, Impact’s cybersecurity experts will conduct a risk audit, which includes an external penetration test and an internal vulnerability scan. From there, our white-hat hackers go to work identifying vulnerabilities and use tools to pivot into the network to discover where you’re weak and where you’re strong.

Another essential component of advanced cybersecurity is having the basics set-up, which will also be uncovered during the risk audit. If the basic security measures are in place, Impact creates a remediation plan and implements tools and services to protect your organization for the long-term.

After implementation, we often see the biggest initial change in the reaction of end-users. After all, end-users are your weakest link when it comes to cybercrime, and Impact’s managed security solution provides organizations with employee awareness training and real-life simulations of attacks to train employees on what to watch out for.

If you’re interested in learning more about cybercrime solutions, check out our sit-down interview with Jeff Leder, Director, MIT Security Services, as he takes a more in-depth look at proactive cybersecurity and Impact’s pricing model.

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