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Fast-Tracking Your Digital Transformation

What You Will Learn 

  • The 6 steps to accelerate your digital transformation 
  • Why 70% of digital transformation initiatives fail—and how to make sure yours isn’t one of them 
  • How to build a digital transformation roadmap 
  • How to prioritize digital transformation initiatives 
  • And so much more!

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A Reliable Model for Digital Transformation 

If you want to get your business up to date (or even ahead of the curve) technologically, you need to have a digital transformation (DX) strategy to ensure your new software and hardware is installed properly and successfully. But too many companies attempt to DIY their DX without having the know-how to avoid the potential pitfalls of these initiatives. 

No matter how beneficial the new tech would be, in a world where end users are often resistant to change and executives can get overambitious when choosing new projects, organizations need to slow down their planning to understand how to accelerate their digital transformation. 

In Fast-Tracking Your Digital Transformation, you’ll find our experts’ model for: 

  • Appropriate goal-setting 
  • Realistic timelines 
  • The most common reasons for failure (and how to avoid them)
  • What kinds of projects are best to start with 
  • What to ultimately expect from your digital transformation 

As tailors say, “measure twice, cut once.” Take your time making a solid strategy from the beginning, and you’ll greatly minimize the risk of failed or delayed implementations and clearly see how to speed up your digital transformation. 

Learn how to create that plan by accessing your copy of Fast-Tracking Your Digital Transformation through the form above now! 

The Steps to Accelerate Digital Transformation 

You can go from 100% paper-based processes and legacy systems to being an innovative, technology-forward company by following these steps recommended by Impact’s own specialists: 

  • Define your goals 
  • Build a plan 
  • Create a culture of change 
  • Decide where to start
  • Success management 
  • Long-term strategy 

But what do any of these actually mean? How do you create a culture of change, for example? You’ll find all of the details of the model inside, along with a full breakdown of the most common goals and benefits of DX, how and why digital transformation services came about, and more. 

Accelerate DX at your company today! Access your copy of Fast-Tracking Your Digital Transformation above.

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