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What Does Cross-Selling Mean for a Marketing Team? | The Huddle

Check out the first episode of The Huddle with Aaron Dyck, President of Managed Marketing at Impact. This week includes special guest Frank DeGeorge, Chief Technology Officer/Partner of Impact, talking about what cross-selling in marketing actually is, and how you can use it to improve operations across your entire organization.

What You’ll Learn 

The Huddle starts off with a bang when it comes to useful information for business owners, marketing teams, and sales teams. Although it’s typically only considered in sales environments, understanding what cross-selling in marketing is can revolutionize your business. 

Watch episode one for yourself and learn 

  • The most effective way to educate prospects and clients about your full range of services
  • The two reasons people use the internet
  • Why now is the time to invest in connecting with customers
  • How cross-selling can open up entirely new markets
  • The number one thing you need to build with your prospects and clients, and how to do it 

 If you’re ready to expand your sales among your existing client base, you need to know what cross-selling in marketing is and how to implement it in your business. 

Time to Join the Huddle 

The Huddle with Aaron Dyck is a video series from Impact’s Managed Marketing team, formerly ES99. Every episode features a different guest who talks through what marketing affects them. From research to content creation, from sales to talent acquisition, no aspect of marketing is off-limits. It’s not just about what cross-selling in marketing is. Stay tuned for new episodes of The Huddle and explore it all. 

Learn from the experts at Impact’s managed marketing agency, and contact us when you’re ready to implement a well-researched long-term strategy for yourself.

From the episode: Watch the ZMac case study Frank DeGeorge mentions: Low-Code App Delivers Digital Transportation Solution to Logistics Coordinator

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