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Clients Love Impact’s App Development Service

ProManage hired Impact’s managed marketing team to redesign a key app for one of their product offerings. They were so satisfied with the work and the results it engendered that they decided to work with Impact long-term on revamping their entire marketing strategy! Hear what they have to say about the partnership in the testimonial video below.

App Development at Impact

Impact relies on our tried-and-true process for all marketing projects, including app development.

It starts with extensive market and consumer research. This is how we know exactly which end users to target, what they’re looking for in an app, how that aligns with what competitors are offering, and what details they need to know that they may not already have. In short, we use data to ensure that we’re delivering the right message at the right time to the right people.

The next step in our app development is to take that research and use it to inform copy and UX/UI design choices. By fully understanding who we’re speaking to, how they best absorb information, and what kinds of products they tend to use, we can craft an app that is perfect for their needs.

As we do this, we check in with organizational stakeholders at every step. This ensures that Impact is developing an app that is not just beautiful, but is also in line with the client’s needs and expectations.


The ProManage and Impact App Development Case Study

Want to learn more about the partnership between ProManage and Impact? Check out the full app development case study in either written or video form! Through it, you can gain more insight into exactly what we did to make their end product so popular and the partnership between both organizations so successful.

Or feel free to reach out to Impact directly about app development or any other marketing project. Whether you’d like an app of your own or you have something different in mind, as a full-service marketing agency, we can bring anything you need to amplify your business to life.