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Business Process Automation Services | An Inside Look

If you’re interested in learning more about applying process automation to your business, you’ve come to the right place. Join us as Frank DeGeorge, Chief Technology Officer, takes a deep dive into the benefits of working with a technology partner through assessing your current workflows to implementation and more!

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When evaluating your business for processes that could be improved, we talk with our customers about the challenges they are facing and the outcomes they’d like to see. Before implementation, you must consider, what are our business reasons for automating? What challenges are we looking to solve? It’s important to take an honest look at which of your processes are slowing you down, which tasks are lending to a lack of productivity, and where you can effectively apply automation to streamline aspects of your business that you had perhaps never even considered.

Here at Impact, we implement solutions internally before offering to clients, including business process automation services. For example, we identified an area in our contracts department that needed addressing and implemented robotic process automation to save the team over 83 work hours, or 6.5 months of a full-time administrator doing data entry. Check out our next video to hear directly from our Contracts Manager and Solutions Architect to get an inside look into the implementation of process automation.

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