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Ask Impact: Talent Acquisition

If there’s one area that professionals from all over are interested in learning more about, it’s careers, and talent acquisition at Impact remains a major part of what we do. As an organization driven by ambitious individuals seeking opportunities to become leaders within their areas of expertise, the company relies on the Talent Acquisition team to source, screen and vet potential talentThese efforts, handled by our recruiters, encompass everything from sales to technical to marketing roles, and more.  

Don’t miss the latest Ask Impact video featuring our Talent Acquisition team. You’ll find this video particularly helpful if you have questions related to the follow: 

  • How to get a follow-up after applying 
  • Tips to prepare for an interview 
  • What to put on your resume 
  • Communicating with recruiters 
  • Common mistakes to avoid during interviews

About Ask Impact
The experts at Impact sit down to answer questions on the fly relating to their departments, roles and general advice on careers. Their advice extends to those looking for work, advancing in their careers and navigating the different aspects of the business world as an employee. Don’t miss out on the rest of the episodes available online  

This video features Cynthia Bennett, Vice President of Talent Acquisition; and Justin Montalvo, Talent Acquisition Manager; based out of Lake Forest, IL. 

Don’t miss out on Impact’s current job opportunities
We’re always looking for the best and the brightest; are you interested? Use the tips from this talent acquisition Q&A and submit an application to our team today, or reach out to our recruiting team here