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Ask Impact: ES99 Designers

One major part of the creative side of ES99’s marketing team is graphic design services. Graphic Designers, Senior Designers, Art Directors and more collaborate heavily with other members of the Managed Marketing team in order to deliver standout, modern brand experiences for clients.

In this video, Ali Bakun and Stacie Thompson sit down to answer some questions about being part of the design team at ES99, and talk about their approach to working with clients, getting feedback and navigating the creative space within a range of digital industries.

About Ask Impact

Get an up close and personal look at what it like to work in positions across Impact in this video series. Members of the team come together to answer questions they haven’t seen before, and offer tips and advice for navigating careers, collaborating with and leading teams and providing world-class services to clients.

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This video features Ali Bakun, Senior Designer, and Stacey Thompson, VP/Director of Creative for ES99 in Chicago, IL.

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