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Fitness CEO Shares Financial and Productivity Growth Due to Digital Content Management

Jackie Clark-Edwards, CEO of Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps and Impact Networking client, provides an in-depth testimonial and review of how the DocuWare platform took her business from paper-based to digital, data-driven, and engaging for both employees and customers.

Video Transcript: Fitness CEO Shares Her Experiences with Impact and Review of DocuWare

I’m Jackie Clark-Edwards, owner and CEO of Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps. I am in the fat loss/weight loss industry.

Every six weeks we have weigh-ins, where we gather a group of people in and give them information on how to lose 20 pounds, six weeks at a time. All of it was extremely paper-based. I would say on average we would lose about $5,000 per orientation because customers just felt uncomfortable putting their information onto a piece of paper, and some would walk away when we could not process their information right on the spot.

The previous process was I would call each manager at our location and say, “How many new customers do you have? How many repeat customers do you have?” They would have to take a couple days and manually count their paperwork. When you’re dealing with thousands of pieces of paper, you have a scenario where you’re thumbing through data and information. It would take us about six weeks to go through all of the physical paperwork, come up with an Excel spreadsheet. It was a crazy process.

So what attracted us to Impact was there was a personalized service from our sales rep. He introduced us to the additional team members that helped work through the root cause of some of our issues, and then they offered a sound solution to help us get there.

The recommendation was to use and store our data into DocuWare. Now, the customer data is all tabulated in DocuWare, so names, phone number, all of that information is in a database.

Because the fitness and weight loss industry sometimes happens on the weekends, we did this rollout period over the weekend. We were able to have access to our lead developer and it made a huge difference when we were able to instantly say here’s a problem, here’s what happened, and he was able to really get on top of it.

We implemented the DocuWare system mid-year, and I could see active customers in the database, and I was able to send a text message to those customers and offer them a promotion. I press a button and I get that data in 30 seconds, and it’s been a tremendous workload relief for our team.

Now I had some free time to actually do some customer development, so I was able to bring in about $2,000 in revenue.

One thing I truly respected was whenever I needed help or support, I would send an email, and within a few days we would have an appointment scheduled. Not just “hey let’s get together, let’s meet,” but I would have an email with some suggested times. So very impressed with the speed, the responsiveness.

They did not over-promise. They said the software can do this, but whenever it could not deliver they also let us know. From a customer perspective, I appreciated hearing the truth about the capability of the software, and it gave me a lot of confidence that we had the right team and we picked the right company.